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Black holes can spawn new stars

Black holes have been discovered by astronomers for a long time, but still are extremely mysterious objects. Astronomers have found out that black holes can become the source of the birth of new stars. Previously, scientists observed only the reverse process, when holes absorbed night luminaries, but a recent discovery confirmed the guesses of researchers that they are able to influence star formation. As the scientific columnist for ToDay News Ufa writes, evidence was found in 600 million years from the Milky Way, where two galaxies collided. Here, scientists discovered one of the supermassive black holes that spewed out hot gas, inside which young stars were found, whose age does not exceed 10 million years. Arguing about the future fate of these luminaries, scientists suggest that they will leave their native galaxy and join another stellar system when they gain enough speed. Otherwise they will have to live in intergalactic space.

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