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Astrophysicists At Stanford University Managed To Find The Space Station, Which Emits And The FRB, And Light Waves

The journal Nature published an article in which the US and European astrophysicists announced that for the first 7 years of the study they were able to identify the source of radio waves. FRB first recorded in 2007. As explained in the article, if the person has seen radio emission, the sky would seem to us terribly restless because of the constant outbursts of radio emission. Many of them are the result of atmospheric processes, we have to part sun and more distant astronomical objects. But radio waves, recorded in 2007, would have seemed very unusual even for the eyes that can see in the radio. These waves are very quickly changed the frequency of very high to very low. This can only be explained by scattering waves occurring as a very long journey through space.

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