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"Golden Girl"'s Extravagent Lie, Plotted And Murdered Parents

Jennifer Pan was the “golden” child of the family. Pan’s family was refugees from Vietnam, who moved to the United States to give their children a chance at life they couldn’t attain for themselves. Pan was a straight A student, and won many scholarships and earned an early admission acceptance to college. She then graduated from the University of Toronto’s pharmacology program and worked at a blood testing lab with SickKids hospital. However, all of this was an extravagant lie. She failed out of high school, and never attended university. After her family learned about her lies, they put her on lockdown in the home which resulted with the end of any extracurricular activities, cell phone use, and dates with her boyfriend. Jennifer Pan is now serving a long sentence for plotting with hit men to murder her parents. You can read the full story of the troubled teenager here: Toronto Life Magazine

mrinaliniv 4 years ago