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20 Stages Of Taking Buzzfeed's "Which Kardashian Are You?" Quiz

A look into the journey of learning which Kardashian you are. Thanks, guys.

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1. Finally, a Buzzfeed quiz that really gets me!!

2. I know I’ll get Khloe, I can’t wait for the results.

3. I'll send this to my sisters so we can confirm what we already know. They're such a Kim and Kourtney. Gosh, I'm so Khloe.

4. There are more than three answer choices? Odd.

5. I'm actively making sure I don't pick the "Khloe" answers, I know she'll shine through if I answer like my authentic self.

6. Yes! I stay motivated even when I fail! This is so Khloe, but she’s never really failed. She’s just misunderstood. Ugh! We’re so alike!

7. This Blakk question is weird. I wonder why it’s here, but I still really like it! Khloe would pick the one her mouse gravitates towards first. I'll do that.

This is so fun!

8. Yes! My friends would describe me as "Sassy." This "Bore" one is so Kim. So pretty, yet so boring. Tragic. OMG! I’m being sassy. Khloe would be so proud.

Seriously, sis, ya boring. *yawn*.

9. Phew! Almost done. I can’t wait to gloat about how I got Khloe. Tonight is fantastic.

10. Results are in!! I’m gonna scroll down slowly so I can be “Surprised.”

11. Here I go! I'm such a tease to myself. I'm so funny.

12. SCOTT!?!?!?!?!? HE’S NOT EVEN A KARDASHIAN!?????? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? NOOOOOOOOO!!!

13. Okay, calm down. You were watching TV when you took the quiz. Take it again.

14. This one will be Khloe. I know this to be true.

15. Motherf****r.

16. ROB!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

17. I wonder what poor decisions in my life led me here. I don't deserve this.

18. No, I didn't do this to myself. It was the author of this quiz. How dare she!?

19. You need to stop blaming others. It was YOU. You're the one who's been living a lie.

Judging *myself*.

20. This quiz has been a lesson. Let go of idealism and learn to be content with the cards you've been dealt.

Khloe would be proud.

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