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    • mrhistory

      I take umbrage to the waiting one. I don’t need to be served immediately but I should be acknowledged. And no one - no matter how busy you are - should have to wait 15 minutes or more without at least a driveby and drink orders. The business about ordering food, eating it, and complaining that you didn’t order it? Yeah, I am good with that. Substitutions? If that pisses you off, go work at McDonalds because you shouldn’t be serving people who are willing to part with their money for the food in the establishment you work in.  Allergies? I hope you never have to deal with them.  One time I saw someone spit in my food…he didn’t like me telling him that my wife’s eyes weren’t in her chest. He didn’t see me coming out of the lav. He didn’t much care for me getting the manager and making him eat my food. He probably liked getting fired less.  The hitting on waitresses bit? Sharing their life stories? Well, losers will do that anywhere. If you want a tip, smile and put up with it. Water for dessert? Yeah that’s annoying. So is the ‘sorry’ notes on the tip line. Personally, if I leave a crappy tip, I tell you to your face why I am stiffing you. And I may tell the manager as well. And if I can’t afford to tip well, I don’t eat out. Unfortunately, bad things can happen to people. If you are a good server, you will make up for the deadbeats. If you aren’t, you either need to up your game or hit up McDonalds. Waiting tables is tough work but I know good ones make some bank. Crappy ones whine, bitch, and post idiocy like this.

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