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Why MBA After Work Experience, And How Do You Prepare For It?

It has been proved that business schools prefer graduates with prior work experience, and even the employers choose such candidates over others.

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If you are just out of college, and want to put your career on a fast track then MBA or Master in Business Administration should be a perfect choice. Often people opt for an MBA degree just to switch their job profile. Another good reason to do an MBA is to gain key management positions in an organization.

You can do an MBA at any stage of life, whether you are just out of college or doing a job. You can enroll in a full-time MBA, part-time or distance learning, based upon which option suits your requirements better. If you are just out of college then opting for a full-time MBA program would be the best choice. However, if you are working and do not want to leave your job, you can go for part-time or distance-learning MBA.

Another type of MBA offered by MBA colleges in Delhi is known as executive MBA, which is especially for working professionals. You can enroll in an executive MBA program only if you have minimum work experience as required by the MBA colleges.

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Why Do An MBA After Work Experience?

According to various studies and data, it has been proved that business schools prefer graduates with prior work experience, and even the employers choose such candidates over others. Doing an MBA after working for a few years is one of the best ways to build a great career.

If you have work experience prior to taking admission in one of the MBA colleges in Delhi, you will gain a leading edge over others in your batch. Work experience provides a platform to build on during studies, as students benefit from being able to refer to their practical work experience during classroom discussions.

How different is doing an MBA after work experience from doing an MBA after your bachelor’ degree?

Work experience entails dealing with real world business problems, thereby giving the candidate an idea about the actual work environment and the challenges faced in the business world.

Candidates with work experience thus gain an edge over those who are just out of college. Even B-school professors have concluded that students with work experience are capable of faring better in the classroom as compared to students who lack requisite work experience.

Students with prior work experience have an exposure of the practical business world, which is the reason why they possess knowledge and skills apt for the MBA course.

How Do You Prepare For MBA Entrance While Working?

As businesses raise their bar for success, doing an MBA from one of the top MBA colleges can open up diverse job prospects for you. But if you are working, then striking a balance between your job and study can be a task. To help you gain admission into the top MBA colleges in Delhi, you will need a good score, and for a good score you will need to study well for the entrance exams. Here are few tips that can make your entry in an MBA college smooth and easy.

•Have A Study Plan In Mind

MBA entrance exams need preparation, and if you are focusing on hitting a good score then you’ll need to work hard for it. Before you start your preparations, have a study plan in mind. Divide the entire syllabus that you need to cover into study hours. Doing this will let you complete your preparations in time and also give you enough time for revisions.

•Study In The Morning And Leverage On Weekends

If you are working, it is quite obvious that you will get tired after a long day’s work. In such a case, an evening or night study plan seems out of question. So, it is best to utilize the early morning time to study. Also, as you work, you won’t be having much time to dedicate to study during the weekdays. So, you can take time out on weekends for MBA entrance exam preparations.

•Enroll In A Preparatory Course

If you are aiming a good score and a good MBA college in Delhi, then you need good preparation as well. Therefore, it is best to enroll in a preparatory course and mock test. However, if you cannot find time for preparatory courses, you can buy the right MBA preparation study material for self-study.

Higher education is much better if you are able to apply the knowledge to a real-world situation, and work experience makes it easier.

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