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    Understanding The True Meaning Of Success

    Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.

    Micadew / Via Flickr: micadew

    Most people tend to view success as being from a different dimension. When they think ‘successful’, they think about famous generals, inventors, artists, modern politicians, people in business and others with impressive achievements. These sort of people usually have an extraordinary social status, are wealthy, and enjoy a certain degree of fame. These people probably could be described as "successful", but there is much more to success than that. After all, there are many people who are successful on paper but do not actually live a happy and fulfilling love.

    On the other hand, there are many people in the world who do not seek fame and fortune. They just want to live a calm life, build a happy family and one day become proud grandparents. Even though these people don’t necessarily appear successful on paper, the fact that they live happy and fulfilling lives must speak for something.

    So what is success all about? If wealth and fame aren’t good indicators, how can we define success in a way that is applicable to everyone?

    Success is to…

    …do whatever you want

    …follow your own heart

    …do what you think is right

    …do what you think is worth doing

    …explore the path you are happiest with

    So what can you do if you ant to wake up feeling happy and fulfilled every morning?

    According to Ferdinand Goetzen from Wireless Vagabond "success basically means becoming the person you want to be."

    Ferdinand Goetzen / Via

    Obviously, there are rich and famous people who live mundane lives, just as there are regular people who are leading exciting, adventurous lives. Simply put, there is a difference between being successful and being influential. People whom most would consider successful certainly are famous, accomplished and influential. However, it takes more than that to be truly successful.

    The key to happiness is living the life you want to lead. If you’re ever you feel at a loss as to what you want in life or feel like you aren't fully satisfied, consider taking some time off to reflect and introspect. Taking time off to do some soul searching can do wonders for your life trajectory, especially if you push your comfort zone and chase new experiences.

    For many people, travelling is the ultimate way to find themselves, have new experiences and gain knowledge. Travel can provide many of the answers you are looking for in life. Whether you’re looking to spice up your life with adventure or to go somewhere calm and serene to achieve inner peace, travelling will teach you a lot about yourself and give you memories that you will never forget.

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