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    Success A Process

    Is there any rule book to attain success?

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    Success unequivocally is defined in different dimensions; from moving up the ladder in your career, starting a new business, buying your own house, getting married to that special someone and much more.

    Furthermore, every success story began as a process that once failed before catching the big break example is Teds TEDx show. Whose reputation as a source of inspiration for successful is starting to yield results for today's generation and others to come.

    Most successful people I have known rinse and apply the same process in every situation they find themselves. Business models are adapted to suit this thought process.

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    We shouldn't forget that before coming up with a method that worked, successful people have tried every trick in the books about how to be successful in their field, but later found out that success is not something that is taught in classrooms. You will have to start something, apply a theory, wait for it to start yielding results, if it gets to a certain point it doesn't, you can improve your recipe or try a new one.

    People on the road to find success have learned to allow their freedom of thought run wild in other to find a better recipe for success as preached on and it is working out for them.

    An example of a process we have been talking about is how the Tedx show has evolved over the years from starting as a conference that concentrated on design, entertainment, and technology. The first Ted failed and was only revived six years later covering more disciplines of human life, became an all comers affair, and was no longer held in just one city because it changed its policy of only inviting members.

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    30 years on, Ted show is still breaking new frontiers because they have found a process that works. Same can be said of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg who is now literally termed " king of social media " with the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram.

    Zuckerberg globalization of social media has all happened because these platforms are practically free while still adding value to peoples lives, following the same process. The same way adds value with its programs.

    Successful people try something they are passionate about with a recipe that is well cooked. If that method fails, they simply re-engineer the process or build a new one. When it finally works after so many attempts, they apply the same process in any venture they are about to embark on that will can be evaluated based on results.

    Ever heard of the saying people get better with practice or practice makes perfect? Am sure you have. As people keep working on projects they get better with time and call it “specialization” but what makes successful people different is the ability to exchange that same process to another business, career, course, job, etc. of course they know there is no certainty that the process will work on the other side, but they did rather trust their process than believe in anything else.

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