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    Guitar Fuzz Pedals – Criteria For Judging An Excellent Musician

    What Does A Guitar Fuzz Pedal Do

    plugged it! effects pedals / Via Flickr: pluggedit

    What are the criteria for judging an excellent musician? Is it all about technology, or the kind of ingenious intuition? Is the kind of rock and shine uninhibited and publicity, or low-key hesitation temperament? Or is it because he is Riff God or Solo madman? Or that there is no formula or a standard to figure out why a musician can stand out in the crowd?

    No matter how we define this "magic," at least one thing is certain: their magic is not just about their playing or the phrases they play, but they can combine devices to create their own Sound.

    Throughout the history of the electric guitar, there have been various features of sound by various effects such as single block – wah pedal, phase shifter, flanging, envelope filtering, Fuzz and so on. Most importantly, these high-quality effects are the gateway to the new world of sound. Anyone can use them, with the right equipment, timing and (or) technology together, you can also get a unique sound. It is very subjective if the sound is worthy as it’s a personal taste (whether, the sound is good or bad is a very subjective thing), but if most people agree with it, you may become the new legend.

    Countless creative guitarists in the world redefine the music and the guitar playing through their unique and effects performance. Such as Keith Richard's riff and Jimi Hendrix. We cannot list them all out, but lots of very “brave” guitarist, have created a change in the world of sound effects.

    No effect is more luscious, gritty, and most importantly cooler than a good fuzz sound. The only problem is, how do you determine a fuzz pedal? I mean, there are hundreds of the models of guitar fuzz pedals from dozens of manufacturers.

    Some Of The Available Guitar Fuzz Pedals:

    • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

    • EarthQuaker Devices Hoof

    • ZVex Fuzz Factory

    • Biyang FZ-10 Fuzz Star

    • Dunlop JDF2 Fuzz Face

    What Does A Fuzz Pedal Do?

    There are 3 main breeds of distortion: Distortion, overdrive, and fuzz. Of course, there are the pedals that combine all the elements of the three. Fuzz is defiantly the most unique. Distortion and overdrive share lots of common ground with each other, but fuzz is an entirely unique type of signal.

    In a more technical terms distortion and overdrive “clips” a circuit, removing certain frequencies and then emphasizing the others. A fuzz effect alters your guitar’s signal to an almost square wave, producing more complex overtones but at a consistent and dramatic rate.

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