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Kickass Fantasy Football Team Names For Your Crappy Squad This Season

What does one really care about during fantasy draft season? The team names.

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It's Almost Time


Fantasy football season is a sacred time for sports fans, break rooms, and lonely office water coolers who just crave stimulation of any kind. And like all sacrements, it comes with its own rituals. The most important being choosing a team name.

Champs Get Remembered, But Great Names Never Die


Mr. Watt here gets it. This is rare footage of the first time he heard the name "1.21 J.J. Watts" years ago.

Looking to be a legend in 2015? Then it's time to throw out the old worn out names and go with some of these shiny gold nameplates.

Remember, A Good Team Name Is Scientifically Worth One Extra Win A Season

Fox Sports

If you're one of those people who continually choose names with no football, player, or pop culture reference like, "Karen's Team," or "Easy Money," just know you're awful, everyone hates you, and you just kicked creativity in the dick.

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