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    30 Signs You Went To Rutgers

    The Scarlet Nights, late night pizza and falafel, cutting-edge research, football, and fat sandwiches.

    1. You immediately regretted eating this while drunk.


    These are fat sandwiches.

    2. Trying to get somewhere was impossible at times with all the people swarming the buses.

    3. You know how to finish the Rutgers chant because of all the drunk bus rides.


    R-U Rah Rah!

    Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah!

    Rutgers Rah!

    Upstream Redteam...

    ...and the awesome football games (especially homecoming).

    4. You attended a tailgate before a game. This calls for alcohol, the letter "R" everywhere, and tons of Instagram photos.

    5. The terrible fear/panic this induced at times.

    6. Being frustrated you can't change classes because WebReg is sleeping.

    7. You frequented these places many times.

    8. Your thoughts when someone on the bus pulled the cord anywhere on College Ave:

    9. Walking onto Stan's bus and getting inspired.


    Unless you're one of the people sitting with their headphones in while this great man is speaking.

    10. Getting a crime alert and not knowing how to react.

    11. Oh, you're hoping to get into a frat party with four girls?

    Your ratio is actually six girls too small (conservative estimates).

    12. Orgo?

    13. Hoping to get the Livingston Apartments with a three-digit lottery number?

    14. When a bus is taking longer than usual and you have an exam in 20 minutes.

    15. You're somewhat upset you'll never be able to attend Rutgersfest again.

    Why you ask?

    16. And you're either proud or disappointed of Delafest.


    Sure does make our school look awesome. Read about Delafest 2013 here.

    17. Your thoughts on this:

    18. Trying to study during finals at the library but it's constantly packed.

    19. Your first year you expect to eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep in shape.

    Then you visit the dining halls for the first time...

    20. Meanwhile on College Ave:

    21. Wondering why there's always ice cream on the ground outside of Brower.

    22. Deciding to park in a lot without a parking pass:

    Then either getting a ticket after only an hour.

    ...or blending your car in successfully and avoiding a ticket.

    23. Getting 43 emails to fill out surveys at the end of each semester.

    24. Being thrilled for King Neptune Night.

    25. Your expectation for finals week:


    26. You've been asked several times about the name "Slutgers."

    27. You've had someone on Sakai ask for notes every week because they never went to class.

    28. Experiencing RU Screw in any way, shape, or form.

    29. You're in a rush to get to class and the bus driver decides to take a 10-minute break at a random stop.

    30. When you have something important to submit online and RU Wireless stops working.

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