14 Signs You Grew Up As A Pygmy Marmoset

Leaping on branches and sap eating came naturally.

1. This is how you and all your friends ate

Other monkeys said you always looked paranoid.

2. And sometimes off the ground if no one was looking

3. You knew it was going to be a good day if you found tree sap flowing like this

4. You were taught from an early age to check the strength of a tree before taking its sap

5. It was totally normal for you to chill on your parents backs for extended periods of time

6. Your mom would always make sure your nails were clean before you went out

7. Other marmosets would get really jealous whenever you found one of these bad boys

Mmm Phylliidae’s.

8. So you’d eat it in secret so you wouldn’t have to share

9. On the weekends you couldn’t go play unless you spent some time farming sap from the family tree

God, worst chore ever.

10. You were great at having an attitude with other monkeys who made fun of your size

11. When humans tried to feed you human food you were thrilled

12. You had an uncle with awesome facial hair and you wished your hair would grow like that

13. Your relatives from across the river always sent you cloves of garlic for your birthday

And you loved it.

14. You naturally developed the perplexed-side-look that all other marmosets did

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