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The Definitive Ranking Of Every WWE Wrestler Of The 2000's

It was a decade of massive change. From Attitude to PG, Stone Cold to John Cena, the Monday Night Wars to the Brand Split, and everything in between. These are the men and women who stepped into their spandex and helped make it happen through blood, sweat, and cheesy acting.

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First, a few notes.

Who Qualifies: I ranked only superstars who were part of the active wrestling roster at some point between 2000 and 2009. This excludes other personnel such as valets, commentators, managers, general managers, and legends or celebrities making cameo appearances. Even though many of them saw ring time once in a while, if they weren't in a primarily-wrestling role at some point, they were not ranked.

Wrestlers also had to have been part of the main roster, resulting in at least one match on RAW, Smackdown, ECW or a pay-per-view. Talent that was in OVW or FCW was excluded, despite making occasional appearances on secondary shows like Heat and Velocity.

How They Were Ranked: Rankings were based on the quality of the wrestler's performance. Much of it came to in-ring ability, ring psychology, character, and storylines/feuds. This is somewhat unfair to the talented individuals who did not get much of a chance to shine, and for that their potential was somewhat considered, but ultimately it came down to what was actually proven.

Also, only the years 2000-2009 (and in WWE) were considered. This means that work in other decades (80's, 90's, 10's) and in other promotions (WCW, ECW, TNA) was not part of the equation.

238. The Heartthrobs

237. Amish Roadkill

236. Ernest "The Cat" Miller

235. Mideon

234. Ryan Braddock

233. Tony Mamaluke

232. The Gymini

231. Mean Street Posse

230. Kizarny

229. Alicia Fox

228. Kronik

227. Buff Bagwell

226. The Bellas

225. Stacy Keibler

224. Jesus

223. Kelly Kelly

222. CW Anderson

221. Shawn Stasiak

220. Braden Walker

219. Nidia

218. Torrie Wilson

217. Dawn Marie

216. Danny Doring

215. The Headbangers

214. Gangrel

213. KC James & Idol Stevens

212. Maria Kanellis

211. The Dudebusters

210. The Dicks

209. Christy Hemme

208. Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli

207. Nathan Jones

206. DJ Gabriel

205. The Blue Meanie

204. Eve Torres

203. Ashley Massaro

202. Layla El

201. Eric Escobar

200. The Boogeyman

199. The Godfather

198. Mike Awesome

197. Gunner Scott

196. Daniel Puder

195. Colin Delaney

194. Bam Neely

193. Scotty Goldman

192. Tyler Reks

191. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

190. Vance Archer

189. Ricky Ortiz

188. Big Daddy V

187. British Bulldog

186. The Basham Bros.

185. The Highlanders

184. Maven

183. Hornswoggle

182. Kenzo Suzuki

181. Sylvester Terkay

180. The Great Khali

179. Bill DeMott

178. Rodney Mack

177. Spirit Squad

176. Tyson Tomko

175. Heidenreich

174. Manu

173. Haku

172. Sakoda

171. Rosey

170. Curt Hawkins

169. Mark Jindrak

168. Ezekiel Jackson

167. Zack Ryder

166. Deuce & Domino

165. Matt Morgan

164. Jillian Hall

163. Marcus Cor Von

162. Luther Reigns

161. Mike Knox

160. Maryse

159. Sylvain Grenier

158. Rene Dupree

157. Grandmaster Sexay

156. Jacqueline

155. Road Warrior Animal

154. DH Smith

153. Big Vito

152. Orlando Jordan

151. Farooq