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    10 "Inspirational" Photos You Can Post On Your Social Network Feed

    Sometimes all you need to boost your (and your friends') morale is a nice stock photo - no matter what the text says.

    Maybe thinking of a beautiful vacation spot gets you through your 16-hour day.

    Hey, everything starts with one step. At least that's what the fortune cookie said.

    Remembering past experiences can be especially helpful.

    Just know you're not alone in this world.

    Even if you feel lonely.

    The time will come when you will see and understand your true destiny.

    Your trust and faith will see you through.

    Remember the Bible verse: thy grass is always greener on thy other side.

    Find consolation in what those who came before you have done.

    Just remember that life is a winding road. And that bright light could be just around the bend.

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