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    Posted on Aug 9, 2016

    Most Handsome Albanian Men

    When one usually hears about Albania, the first thing that comes to mind is either Mother Teresa, the Belushi brothers or Rita Ora, but mind you, there is much more to it than those three world renown personalities. Albania is also home to mind boggling attractive people and this time we have collected some of the hottest Albanian men in random order. Ladies, enjoy!

    56. Egzon Mehmeti

    Nehat Behrami Photography

    We begin our list with the young and aspiring Albanian model, Egzon Mehmeti. Those protruding blue eyes and enticing full lips are a heart stopper's ultimate weapon and he has clearly been blessed with both. A student in the University of Prishtina, this young lad is not only looks but brains too!

    55. Faton Lita

    RED NYC Models

    This chiseled stud, who's name also means ''The One With Luck'' in his native Albanian is currently signed with RED NYC Models and is already making waves in the NYC fashion scene. The word defined gets a new meaning with Faton Lita's muscles and incredible jawline!

    54. Adnan Djinovic-Gjinaj

    Apollo Novo Magazine

    Adnan Djinovic-Gjinaj is a well known face in the world fashion runways, although being born in the US, this Albanian stud hails from the Albanian community of neighbouring Montenegro (thus the -Vic suffix in his surname, but that's another history subject). Reminiscent of a handsome, 1920's all American marine, his good looks has surely landed him numerous photoshoots in Vogue Europe & Asia, Fashionisto, Sense and collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Burberry, John Galliano, Moschino & many others.

    53. Bekim Trenova

    Vogue Russia 2007

    Many do not know this, but before Rosie Huntington-Whiteley found love in the arms of Jason Statham, she was in a committed relationship with Brooklyn's pride, Bekim Trenova and can we blame her? His charming smile, gloomy green eyes and a perfect physique not only vowed her, but rumour has it, the Princess of pop herself, Britney Spears. He is currently residing in NYC and like his compatriot Adnan, is signed with Ford Models.

    52. Shkelzen Maksuti

    Florian Grey Photography

    The cover face, let us say, body of the French Magazine ''Volant'' Summer 2016 Edition is graced by none other than Albanian model Shkelzen Maksuti, currently residing in Frankfurt, Germany. A Kosovo native, he has just begun his first steps in the world of fashion and this hottie was not afraid to take it all off, something we are surely grateful for!

    51. Agim Kaba

    Agim Kaba Directory

    Who does not remember our favourite hearthrob, Aaron Snyder, or let us say, Agim Kaba on CBS's As The World Turns? We laughed, we cried and we surely desired him. Not only is he an acting talent, he was also selected for Florida's Olympic Development soccer team for five years in a row and later a student at the prestigious St. John's University. His portfolio also includes various campaigns for Guess Jeans and his merit also includes directing the award-winning short movie Happy Ending. Oh Aaron, we mean Agim, you trully are dreamy...

    50. Patrick Nuo

    Patrick Nuo Directory

    Oh my oh my, Patrick! Switzerland's leading pretty boy in music was born to an Albanian father and Swiss mother in the idyllic town of Lucerne, where he began his first steps in taking over the German speaking world. He is currently signed to Warner Music and his album singles have continuously been top chart successes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. You can currently enjoy him as a judge on the German Idol Series (Deutschland sucht den Superstar), one of the country's leading talent scout shows.

    49. Lorik Cana

    Fadil Berisha Photography

    A well known name during the UEFA European Championship this year (2016), Lorik Cana has not only captivated the hearts of many Albanian and other fans but has also become a simbol of international success, playing in the top divisions of France, England, Italy and Turkey, representing both rivals Paris Saint-Germain & Marseille at the start of his career. With a deep passion for Albanian history, he is also known for his philanthropy and genuine interest for the ''Albanian cause''. He is a father to a young baby boy named Boiken and a loving husband to Italian sociallite and architect, Monica Ercoli, who not only proudly wears the Albanian jersey but has also learnt the language as fluently as a native speaker. Let us not forget, Lorik apart from his native Albanian, speaks also English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Turkish.

    48. Shpat Parashumti

    Veton Osmani Photography

    As his surname would suggest, Shpat Parashumti comes from a line of a wealthy and influential family back in his native Kosovo. Exuding class and a certain mistery, Shpat is clearly what the new generation is all about, keeping the old and the new intact but in a better and upgraded version.

    47. Marsel Precaj

    Joni Peci Fashion Group

    Shkodra or Shkodërnative, Marsel Precaj is not only home to one of the oldest cities in Southeastern Europe, but is also a true representative of Ancient Illyrian beauty. A long yet symmetric face accompanied with deliciously full lips and a sharp jawline, he truly is a testimony to the beauty of the people that once inhabited the entire Balkan peninsula. Currently residing in Tirana, Marsel has walked countless of fashion shows in Italy, France and China.

    46. Pajtim Kasami

    Lazio 2010 Press Conference

    The summer of 2015 not only gave waves for being one of the hottest summers ever, but also for a romantic fling of the lead Pussycat doll we all adore, Nicole Scherzinger, with Swiss football player Pajtim Kasami during their vacation in Mykonos, Greece. Pajtim was born to Albanian parents hailing from the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia and has made himself quite a career in Swiss, Greek, British and Italian soccer. Nicole surely is known for great taste and she did not make a mistake this time either!

    45. Shqiprim Bruti

    Eugenio Qose Photography

    Despite having a hard time to pronounce this stud's name, ''Shhh-k-i-pe-rrrim?'', Shqiprim Bruti, is another sight we could not have missed in our list. He is currently signed with Quest Model Management NYC and has been a star at runways for Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Dirk Bikkembergs, Hogan & Phillip Plein. Excuding a young yet playful look, Shqiprim might even be one of those models turned actors, as he surely seems to have quite some mistery to him.

    44. Jurgen Gjasula

    Tirana's native Jurgen Gjasula is not only a talented midfielder but also got blessed by those alluring Mediterranean genes we all crave for. His career includes being part of the biggest clubs in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and is currently an option for the Turkish club Bursaspor. He is also a holder of dual citizenship, that being of German and Albanian and on top of it, also single as we have heard, so ladies, get yourselves out there!

    43. Patrick Rukai

    Brian Jamie Photography

    Wouldn't you just want to bite that f... Now now, let's not get us carried away, shall we? Patrick Rukai is another hot Albanian addition to our list and he surely makes up for it. Being represented by Soul Artist Management, Patrick surely can land any kind of work with that nearly flawless face and physique. He is your quintessential idea of a future husband, being reminiscent of the great James Dean in many of his photoshoots. His face is such a delight to see, that we have also decided to share his instagram account (link: for you, as we surely cannot get enough of him.

    42. Valdrin Muriqi

    GQ Magazine

    Perfection has a name and that is Valdrin Muriqi. Not only a successful model that can boast with fashion spreads for GQ, NY Times, Tetu, J. Crew, Hugo Boss, DKNY & many more but also a commited boxer and athlete. His family are Albanian immigrants from Kosovo and he is also the cousin of well known boxer, Elvir Muriqi. He is also the drop dead gorgeous model from from the video ''Lady'' by ''Vogue Italia'', if you haven't seen it, have a look here: Now isn't that Italian accent just...

    41. Bastri Krasniqi

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Bastri Krasniqi, an upcoming model and entrepreneur from Kosovo, is as timeless as his facial features. Heart shapped lips, small yet defined nose, razor sharp jaw and eyes as deep & mysterious as the snowy mountains of Kosovo are what define this young Albanian God. We are more than delighted to see more of him in the years to come!

    40. Niko Pepaj

    IMbd Directory

    One does not know to either focus on his looks or his talented acting skills? Let us say, a bit of both. Young upcoming actor Niko Pepaj has been a part of quite a few film productions, including My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3, Awkward & Sal among others. Not only does his playful and naughty charm make us go crazy but one must not forget to notice the Albanian eagle tattooed on his left arm, a dedication of love for his homeland. Niko is also the brother of known US model Eva Pepaj and both are Shkodra natives.

    39. Edison Kelmendi

    Fashion Pistols Directory

    Let us set back in the year of 1915, Sicily. You are walking down the beautiful and sunny streets of Palermo, filled with merchants and folks, until you set eyes on something as beautiful as the sky itself yet as wild as the wind by the shore. He slowly lights up a cigarette with an angry, yet natural facial expression and sets his eyes on you. What would have you done? What would have Monica Bellucci have done? Albanian model, Edison Kelmendi is quite the fantasy itself. Born to Albanian immigrants from Kosovo, this Swiss resident has not only been part of the Versace Campaign for 2012/13 but numerous shows all over Switzerland and Italy.

    38. Sokol Tominaj

    Pinterest Directory

    Sokol Tominaj... Where do we begin explaining him? Attractive? Check. Fit? Check. Defined jawline? Check. Sexual Appeal? Check. Albanian? Double check. Born in Germany, Sokol is a relatively young face in the fashion business and we are sure he will make the right name for him as mother nature has truly been nice to some.

    37. Mirlind Morina

    Request Model Management Directory

    Request Model Management surely has a gem on their hands, Kosovo born Albanian model Mirlind Morina is their latest addition to the team. Not only full of life but also full of appetite for success, Mirlind is already taking the first steps to stardom after being scouted on Kosovo's leading model scout show ''I Am A Topmodel'' or ''Une Jam Topmodel'' and landing an exclusive photoshoot with the great Fadil Berisha himself. God, just look at those abs...

    36. Granit Cana

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Who said Christmas can't be celebrated every month? Or even better, with Granit Cana everyday! Another family member of the Cana Clan, this Albanian stud is all we'd want for Christmas... Or Eid... Or Hanukkah... Just name the holiday. A wide set of white, pearly teeth, perfect nose, strong yet peaceful jawline, he gives Ken a run for his Barbie!

    35. Jovan Tafa

    Cosmopolitan China February 2016

    The list just keeps getting better and better. Jovan is another sizzling hot addition to our list and is also Cosmopolitan's Man Of The Month in China & Italy. He is just walking sex appeal, born & bred in Albania but currently resides in Milano, Italy, the fashion capital of the world. Not only is he an exquisite model, he is also not shy to take off all his clothes for the camera (wink, wink).

    34. Ani Saliasi

    Luis Rafael Photography

    Muscle. And a whole lot of it. Natural, that is. Pure bred Albanian muscle. Ani Saliasi, or as they call him, the Albanian Rock, is an US born model, bodybuilder & United States Air Force tech. Quite the handy man, isn't he? He has also been compared to Michelangelo's David by numerous photographers and his physique surely makes the cut...

    33. Gentian Birko

    Missosology Directory

    So here we have Superman in his human form, the form of Gentian Birko. Italian born Albanian model, he has modeled for numerous brands, such as Gucci, Versace, Armani & many others. Can we blame the casting crews for picking him? He exudes sex appeal and dominance from every pore of his body... This list is really turning into a sauna bath over here!

    32. Berat Behramaj

    Renuar Locaj Photography

    Google class and sophistication and you'll get Berat Behramaj. Well not literally, but you get the idea. Kosovo born Albanian model was scouted in the show ''I Am A Topmodel'' or ''Une Jam Topmodel'' and has since then enjoyed country wide recognition. He has also appeared in many music videos, the most known that of ''Hajde Ma Knej'' by popular Albanian R&B singer Dafina Zeqiri.

    31. Emir Bajrami

    UEFA News Conference

    Chosen as The Most Handsome Football Player of 2012 in Switzerland, Emir Bajrami, Sweden's most famous winger is a true testimony to masculine yet handsome beauty. Born in Prishtina, Kosovo's capital during the Yugoslav turmoil, his family quickly decided it was best to leave their beloved homeland in search of a better and safer life, which they found in Elfsborg, Sweden. His career has sent him through numerous places in Sweden, Monaco, Greece & Switzerland.

    30. Nrece Kabashi

    Miss & Mister Suisse Romande Directory

    Nrece Kabashi, Kosovo Born Albanian model despite being a favorite during the Miss & Mister Suisse Romande landed the position of 2nd runner up at the country's leading beauty contest. Born in Peja, Kosovo, as many Albanians of the time, was forced to leave his homeland for a better life in Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently a successful model & entrepreneur traveling back and forth between Kosovo, Albania and Switzerland.

    29. Wilson Korra

    Three Model Management Directory

    Places everybody, the photoshoot is about to start, is our model ready? Cameras, action! This is how Wilson Korra's, an Albanian model's day starts in Italy. He is currently signed with Three Model Management & they've surely known who they're hiring. Just look at that look, really makes you think about any kind of morals you have left reading this list.

    28. Alban Skenderaj

    Alban Skenderaj's Official Facebook Fan page

    The country's leading sweetheart, Alban Skenderaj is another cherry on our list. Deep and clear vocals, seductive eyes and a dominant presence are only a few of the words we can describe him with. A talented singer & songwriter, he is not only versatile in music, but theater, hotel management & talent scouting over the country. Another interesting fact is that he is also the back to back winner at Albania's favourite & trendiest music festival ''Top Fest'' and his prizes are as numerous as his songs. He is curently married to Miriam Cani,whom you may remember as part of the popular German girl band, Preluders. In 2016, Miriam gave birh to the fruit of their love, Ameli.

    27. Valon Kaba

    RED NYC Models Directory

    Valon Kaba is an Albanian model, that is currently residing in NYC and is signed with one of the biggest agencies in town. With a long and lean physique, flawless face and charming personality, he is your cute guy next door every girl would love to get to know.

    26. Seven Saraqi

    Fadil Berisha Photography

    A relatively young name on the Albanian music scene, Seven is already turning heads and filling teenage girl's rooms with many posters. Born to a family of singers, Seven is very connected to music, be it modern R&B rhythms or traditional Albanian ones. He is also the fiancé of the beautiful Miss Idaho Teen USA 2016, Lorena Haliti, who, ''surprisingly'' also seems to be Albanian.

    25. Sami Gashi

    Option Model Management Directory

    During these hot, summer days, one doesn't only crave ice and lots of ice in their mojitos, but also a romantic adventure to fulfill their deepest desires... And would Sami be the perfect Don Juan for that! His raven black hair, full and juicy lips, serious yet puppy eyes and strong physique are one of the reasons we'd surely like a sip of that hot Albanian cocktail.

    24. Veton Loki

    Shkelzen Konxheli Photography

    Wouldn't Veton Loki be perfect with your morning coffee? Or the one in the afternoon? Evening? Night even. Swiss born Albanian model is not only a drop dead gorgeous man, but also a successful business man and well educated young lad. What adds more appeal to him is also the fact that he happens to have an identical twin brother, oh, as if one wasn't enough!

    23. Flamur Emro

    Nehat Behrami Photography

    Now you might ask yourself, why would we post Brad Pitt as Albanian? But, you're wrong! It's Albanian model Flamur Emro on this photo and we can surely say this is no time machine trick. Leaving a strong presence everywhere he goes, he surely has all the attributes to be called the next Brad, as of his acting skills, there is more to see in the years to come.

    22. Ilir Etemi

    Ford Models Management

    Albanian model turned singer, Ilir Etemi is why we love the versatility of Albanian men. Whatever they put their mind into, it will sooner or later turn into reality. With a towering height and pretty face, reminiscent of the timeless Colin Farrell, Ilir is just a sweet in a huge bowl of sweets Albania has to offer.

    21. Michael Ajazi

    Leandro Gongora Photography

    Another Albanian gem in the US, Michael Ajazi, is another testimony to Albanian Beauty. One can't even count the number of muscles on his well defined body, yet alone rate him entirely how handsome he is. An active athlete, bodybuilder and nutricionist, it surely takes a lot of time, hard work and determination to achieve the physique Mikey boasts with!

    20. Arber Alikaj

    Western Racepix Runway 2010

    Chadwick Model's prized possession, Arber Alikaj is another Albanian talent debuted worldwide. A natural infront of the camera and a wolf on the runway, he is fit for any brand, any time and any fantasy *giggles*.

    19. Labinot Zallaj

    Models Suisse Directory

    A young and ''messy'' look is a few things Labinot can show us infront of the camera. He can go from your neighbourhood's bad boy to sophisticated gala attendee in no time. Despite his young age, we are sure he will catch the heights of the fashion world in no time, as he truly is a breath of fresh air.

    18. Bekim Balaj

    Gentian Ferhati Photography

    Also known as the ''Charming Prince'' of the Albanian national team, Bekim Balaj, Shkodër native is a professional football player and the current striker of FC Terek Grozny of the Russian Premier League. Being able to boast with a successful career at such a young age, Bekim was part of Turkish, Czech, Croatian & Russian clubs, something not many have achieved from Southeastern Europe. Also a flaming patriot, he honours the Albanian national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti ''Scanderbeg'' every year by visiting his grave not far from his hometown in Lezhë.

    17. Sokol Lutolli

    Ana Gregorič Photography

    Despite Slovenia's small ethnic Albanian minority, Sokol Lutolli has managed to participate in the finals of the country's Mister Slovenia 2012 pageant. Sokol's long and muscular physique combined with his ''Armani model'' face were surely a standout that night, but as of the winner, we know very well pageantry nowadays is unfortunatelly rigged... Sokol, ladies and gentlemen!

    16. Kristian Qorraj

    Renuar Locaj Photography

    ''Oh Romeo, thy Romeo...'', or let's better use Kristian in this case. Albanian Model & actor, Kristian Qorraj is renowned for his chiseled features and poisonly beautiful green eyes, distracting every co-model or co-actress on stage with him... Has he found his Juliette? This we do not know.

    15. Bujar Ajvazi

    Veton Osmani Photography

    One of the hottest Albanian DJs on the scene, Bujar Ajvazi is another Albanian bonbon we'd love to have a piece of. A Prishtina native, the young artist is quite active in the city's nightlife, where you can find him performing in the best dance halls, packed with the liveliest atmosphere. It seems he can play his dj booth as much as he can train his abdomen... And that's a lot.

    14. Edjon Hysenaj

    Sonny K. Elson Photography

    Confidence is a trait every person and surely every man should possess. Too much of it and it can lead to complete mockery, while too little of it to complete despair. Our next addition, Edjon Hysenaj has pretty much found the right ratio of it. Tirana native, he is already doing photoshoots with the best in the business and has also starred in a few of the country's leading commercials. See, the right amount of confidence surely gets you a long way!

    13. Halil Gashi

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Spicy yet sweet, Halil Gashi is another stunner from the youngest country in the world, Kosovo. To not set any confusion, majority of Kosovo's population is ethnic Albanian and is deeply connected to Albania. While speaking of connections, we'd surely like to connect with Halil...

    12. Eddy Mataj

    Jack & Jones Photography

    Quirky yet fun, Eddy surely is not only an extremely attractive champ, but a funny one as well. A football appasionante, we can clearly see how the fields have molded his physique in total perfection. One can also notice the small tribute to his heritage a little bit above his... Nope, on his abdomen.

    11. Noli Abazi

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Noli Abazi, model, freelancer & formal attire designer is one of the many talents you can find walking the streets of Prishtina. With a towering height and the usual attributes of an Albanian man (full lips, olive shaped eyes, strong jawline) he is just what keeps us going at finding the hottest Albanian men out there, just for you!

    10. Robert Berisha

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Robert Berisha, mostly known as Nora Istrefi's husband (Yes, we do mean Era Istrefi's sister), apart from that title many are envious of, he is also a musician and piano player. Robert has supported his wife's career through out all of their years together and it has really payed off, since the Istrefi clan have gone international nowadays. But Nora is also lucky, who can boast with such a beast as a husband, who at the same time is also a loving father.

    9. Fatnis Hasanaj

    Fadil Berisha Photography

    Fatnis is what we'd like to say, ''Sheesh, God really did take his time with you''. He was scouted on the country's model scout show ''I'm A Topmodel'' or ''Une Jam Topmodel'' and has since then sky rocketed into the fashion industry, thanks to a direct flight ticket to Fadil Berisha's studio in New York City. With a face that just screams passion, he truly is steamy.

    8. Egzon Sahiti

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Sheer elegance and class come in the form of Egzon Sahiti. Kosovo born Albanian model is surely a masterpiece made by mother nature herself and this is why the camera captures it best. Those ocean blue eyes just make you want to swim in them!

    7. Betim Morina

    Dutoit Adams

    Not many know this, but the current Mister Switzerland Francophone 2016 or Mister Suisse Francophone 2016 is no other but Swiss born Albanian model, Betim Morina. A combination of sensual yet rough, masculine features, he is the reflection of Albanian nature, from the most romantic beaches of Ksamil to the highest Mountain tops of Bjeshket e Nemuna. He currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland.

    6. Enrico Sheko

    Milan Models Management

    The Italian born Albanian model, Enrico Sheko, became a sensation over night after being featured in the Italian show ''Ciao Darwin'', a show in the search of male and female perfection throughout Italy. Italians are known for having great taste and Enrico is proof of that, as he seems like a timeless painting devoted to male beauty. Mamma mia!

    5. Adrian Gaxha

    Veton Osmani Photography

    Adrian Gaxha, FYR of Macedonia's heartthrob is an Albanian singer & songwriter, born to Albanian parents in the country's capital of Shkupi or Skopje. He became an instant sensation by winning the first prize at the popular Nota Fest, something unachieved by a new comer and also a double winner of the audience and judge's votes. He has also participated in numerous other festivals, such as Videofest in Prishtina, Makfest in Shtip and winning the first prize at Ohrid Fest. Apart from singing in his native Albanian, he also sings in Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, Italian, Turkish & English.

    4. Kristofor Pitushi

    Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Directory

    A Dolce & Gabbana runway model, Kristofor Pitushi is no stranger to the Italian and world fashion scene. Born in Southern Albania, this towering giant is a testimony to the Ancient genes present in the area. He has also modeled for Armani, Versace, Burberry and many of the most well known brands. Not only a pretty face, but a face with character as well!

    3. Liridon Krasniqi

    Liridon Krasniqi Fan Page Directory

    So it seems also Malaysia's favourite midfielder is Albanian and quite a hunk at that. Kosovo born, Liridon Krasniqi is one of the reasons his club won the Malaysian Premier League back in 2015 and also lead them to the finals of the Malaysia Cup the same year. The handsome footballer not only boasts with a splendid physique and tan, but also pearly whites we've only seen on the great Ronaldo himself. Is Liridon going to be his legacy? Lets sit back and enjoy...

    2. Vesel Kurtishaj

    Class Photography

    Albania went berserk when everybody's favourite, Kosovo's Vesel Kurtishaj won the 2015 edition of Big Brother Albania. We wonder if his looks had anything to do with it? Those green eyes just mesmerize you into voting for him. Not long after, he also joined the show Dance With Me Albania 2016, where he achieved the finals. Vesel is the perfect example of a regular Albanian lad from Prizren, who thanks to his looks, charm and well behaviour became famous just overnight. Perfect boyfriend material, huh ladies?

    1. Mergim Shabani

    Mergim Shabani Fan Page Directory

    And perfection takes human form in Mergim Shabani... Don't be fooled by his perfect abs, he's also packed with a great personality, according to the fashion teams that have worked with him. An Austrian resident, like with everything in life, he is also always on time. Very self conscious, he never lets a training or cardio go to waste. Mein gott!

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