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20 Delicious Meals That You Can Prepare On A Low Budget When You Are So Hungry

Want low budget meals idea? You can follow this list bellow.

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With the cookies, vegetables and instant soups count, here we gave you 20 meals plans that you can prepare spending less money.

1. Cream of tomato

A perfect winter meal you can prepare. You can add to the classic recipe roasted cheese croutons and improve the quality of your tomato soup.

2. Lettuce tacos

This recipe takes chicken but you can substitute it for minced meat. 3. Baked potatoes It is the comforting food par excellence and always within budget. Some cheese and butter and that's it.

4. Rice with fried chicken

Chinese rice, also known as fried rice, is one of the most popular dishes of Chinese cuisine, and although the recipe seems difficult and expensive to make, it is actually an easy dish and within budget.

5. Potato Chips

Vegetables in this stew are as cheap as potato chips; they will leave you satisfied and you will have plenty left.

6. Pasta in a single pan This is not only a very cheap meal, it is also very easy to prepare, and you will not mess up too much.

7. Quesadillas with spinach Get your daily dose of vegetables with this option. Easy and quick to cook

8. Vegetarian Chili This delicious combination of beans and vegetables will leave you full, even when your wallet is not.

9. Lentil Soup

For years the lentils have been the best friend of the economic kitchen; Tasty and nutritious.

10. Macaroni and Cheese

They can always be seasoned by adding Chile or bacon if your budget allows, but you can also enjoy the simple dish that children love.

11. Spaghetti with tuna and lemon

Tuna is one of the cheapest ways to get protein, and is very rich with this lemon and olive spaghetti.

12. Roasted vegetables

If you want and you have enough budget you can supplement the recipe with chicken or beef.

13. Sloppy Joes

Sometimes you want a hamburger but you do not have enough money to make it or buy it. That's when Sloppy Joe, an American-style sandwich made of ground beef between two hamburger patties, is useful.

14. Tofu in garlic sauce

This dish contains many proteins and is very versatile and economical.

15. Black Bean Salad A simple bean salad can be perfect for a summer night, especially if you have the right dressing. Try one with hot chili pepper and honey.

16. Beef and broccoli cutlet Cutting is one of those magical meals where a few ingredients can make a complete meal.

17. Vegetable cake with cheese This meal is basically a baked flour tortilla with vegetables with cheese on top. It may not sound as appealing as ordering a pizza, but it's cheap and delicious.

18. Spinach and chickpea curry

Preparing a batch of this curry will fill your house with incredible aromas. You can even substitute the water for broth and it will be even tastier.

19. Pasta with basil Few things are better than spaghetti with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

20. Sausage and vegetable stew

Yes, it's basically sausage and vegetables but fry quickly in a little hot fat and with rosemary; It looks much more gourmet but is ideal for something simple and cheap.

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