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10 Tools Every Angler Should Keep Ready For Every Fishing Trip

To have a pleasant fishing experience, you should be fully prepared. And, the main part of the preparation is,keeping all the essential tools ready in your tackle box.

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10 Tools Anglers Should Keep Ready For Every Fishing Trip

Fishing is one interesting sport that is loved by men of all ages. It's a fun activity which doesn't only give you a chance to have good times, but also helps you to get a relief from the whole week's stress. That's why, even after so many centuries, angling is still considered as one of the popular pastimes.

It's really amazing, that you've decided to go for angling this weekend and we appreciate your choice. But, that reminds me of an important question -

You are not forgetting something, are you?

So, today we are going to talk about the essential tools every fisherman should have with them when they go for fishing.

10 things you must have in the tackle box :

1. Extra Line

Everybody will agree that the supply of extra line is the most important thing you should stock for fishing. Your line getting tangled or caught is a common thing in angling. So always keep extra line in the box, in case you face any kind of trouble with your current line.

2. Plenty of Hooks

You should have a sufficient amount of hooks in your box. You can never have a successful fishing with a poor supply of hooks. You will need several of them for several catches.

Keep hooks of different sizes. Because the type of the hook will vary with the type of the fish you are planning to catch. Have different types of hooks for different types of fishes.

3. Sinkers / Weights

Don't forget the sinkers. Or you can just use pebbles or similar objects as weight. You will need this to drown your hook and worm deep down the water.

4. Bobber / Floater

Bobber or floater, whatever you want to call it, warns the angler if any fish bites the lure. The bobber sinks when the bait is bitten by a fish. So, you need this to catch your fish. Keep a bunch of floaters, two or three are not enough.

There are different types of bobbers. Most anglers prefer the round one, the one with the white and red shade. But you can use slip bobber as well. Depends on the location you chose for fishing. Round bobber is not so good with deep water angling. The slip bobber takes time to move, but can be used anywhere.

5. Lure / Fly / Live or Plastic Worm

You can't catch the fish without the lure attached to the hook. The lure attracts the fish towards your line. Besides spinning rod and reels , lures are also most important to keep in your tackle box.

There are different types of artificial lures available in the market. Stock your box with different types of lure for a satisfying fishing experience. Because different types of lures also act differently under the water. Different types of lures attract the fish with a differently. Have different lures stocked inside your box and use them to find out which one works better for you.

If you are a fly fisher, have flies of different types and lengths.

Or simply, you can go for the worm. Live lure is the common choice for centuries, but you can also use the plastic ones. The advantage of the plastic worm is, it comes in several colors, the colors help to attract the fish towards your worm.

6. Swivels

Swivels are necessary to get rid of the twisted lines and they also work as a good stop if you are using slip bobber.

7. Stringer

Nobody goes angling just to catch one fish. You have to use stringer to hold the fishes you caught, while you are still waiting with your rod to catch more.

8. Ruler / Scale

You can't just catch any fish you want. There are some restrictions about the size and the weight. So, you should have a regular / an electric ruler or a measuring scale in your tackle box, to measure the size of the fish you catch. Otherwise, the authority has the complete right to file a forfeit against you........... And a FINE is never fine.

9. Cutting Tools :

Needle Nose Pliers, Nail Clippers and Sharp Knife

It'll be a stupid mistake if you forget to take the cutting tools on your trip. The tools that will be needed-

Needle Nose Pliers : The tool to take the hook out of the fish's mouth.

Nail Clippers : You will need this for cutting the line. You can also use the knife, but the clipper will save you some effort and seconds.

Sharp Knife : For multiple tasks. You can use them for cutting lines, shaping your lure, getting rid of the tangled line, cutting the fish and cleaning it's innards. So, you mustn't forget the knife.

10. Your Protection Suppliers :

First-aid Kit, Insect Repellent and Sunscreen

When you are going for fishing, you should be fully prepared mentally...... and physically.

So don't forget to pack your first-aid kit, bug repellent and sunscreen.

First-aid kit : When you are going for fishing, you are not getting hit by a car, but you can cut your finger, the hook can get stuck on your skin, you can fall and hurt your knee, can slip and scrape your elbow. So for mild accidents like that, you should have a first-aid kit with you. Nothing big, it'd be enough, if there are adhesive bandages, gauze, waterproof medical tapes, antiseptic ointment (make sure you are not allergic to the certain salve), band-aids in the kit.

Insect repellent : The reservoir and the bank are two of the common habitats of the most insects. For not getting stung, a bite from any insect or infected by them, you should use the repellent.

Sunscreen : In case you don't get sunburn and to protect your skin from cancer, you should use sunscreen. Keep it in your tackle box. That won't help you fish better, but will help you survive better.

Now, since you know about the important tools you will be needing for the angling trip, we hope for a good experience on the trip. Stock the essential tools and have fun!

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