18 Cool DIY Ways To Use Your Old CDs

Whether you’re in the middle of some Zen-like possessions purge, or just switching to vinyl and MP3s, here are fun ways to repurpose your discs.

1. Cut out tiny tiles to make a disco ball.

Make a few tiny ones for tree ornaments, and then use them again for a New Year’s Eve party.

You can make it this way too, without chopping up the discs.

2. Cut up CDs and make animal sculptures.

The Australian artist Sean Avery made these owl and meerkat sculptures.

3. Re-create “The Rainbow Fish.”

Remember how much The Rainbow Fish taught you about being an individual? It’s time to pay tribute with your old CDs.

4. Hang a few in your garden.

Hanging old CDs in your garden is a good way to redirect sunlight to areas that get less sun, and a few dangling CDs can make a scarecrow much more effective. This also works well for chicken coops.

5. Put a few in your bag during hikes to use as emergency signal mirrors.

More about signal mirrors here.

6. Stack them up to make this cool lamp.

7. Use a CD-R spindle to keep your bagel fresh.

8. Make some installation art.

Bruce Munro made this landscape, titled “Blue Moon On A Platter,” out of used compact discs at Waddesdon Manor in England.

9. Use one as an ice scraper in a pinch.

If you don’t have any tossable CDs, jewel cases are also an option for this one.

10. Erase your data with mini tesla coils.

11. Or with a motor and a pin.

12. Or in the microwave.

You shouldn’t do this one, since it’ll probably make your food taste bad.

13. Use a balloon to make this hovercraft toy.

14. Cut them into scrapers for dirty pots and pans.

15. Make your own guitar picks.

Instructables has a great guide for making guitar picks with just scissors and a marker, but if you’re going to make a ton of picks, you might want to invest in The Pick Punch.

16. Add a reflector to your bike.

17. Nail one to a post as a driveway reflector.

18. Make a weird, probably uncomfortable chair.

This sculpture is made out of “4,000 CDs, weighs at least 150 pounds, barely fits through doors, and plugs into an electical outlet.”

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