10 Ways Gen Y Is Different

University of Minnesota College of Design students surveyed milllennials to find out what was important to them. They used the data to create a Gen Y Eco Home for the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair.

1. Millennials consider home ownership to be important.

2. Most grew up in a city, currently live in a city, and wish to do so in the future.

3. They only cook 3-4 meals at home per week on average.

4. Gen Y wants a majority of their home dedicated to gathering & communal spaces.

5. They consider the dining room to be the least utilized space in the house.

6. Millennials prefer to have a shower rather than a bathtub.

7. They want to have a laundry room in their home.

8. Gen Y believes that their home should reflect their personality.

9. They have a car but would be willing to live in a community that limits or prohibits personal vehicles.

10. Gen Y is concerned about energy conservation and would be willing to use renewable energy in their homes.

The students used this information to design the Gen Y Eco Home. The house uses minimal construction materials and has a small footprint.


To accomodate the small floorplan, the house features a SuperWall that contains all the necessary technology for living, collapsable walls and folding furniture. A large outdoor patio increases living space.


Tour the Gen Y Eco House and more at the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair.

August 22 - September 2

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