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Are You A Good Person Or A Bad One

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  1. If I saw a pedestrian slowly crossing the street in the snow while I was the passenger in a car I would...

    Join the driver in screaming about how slow they're moving
    Get out and help them
    Wait patiently in the car because I know they are much more miserable out there than I am in here
  2. My involvement in any political controversy is

    An intellectual, slightly offensive Facebook post
    A small donation to the group I support because I don't have time or that much money to give
    Becoming a member of the nearest protest
    Becoming a member of the nearest protest and posting my contributions in it on social media
  3. The last time I helped someone else was...

    When I edited a paper for a friend so they would help me with my math homework
    My mission trip to Africa where I spent a few days doing some charity work and the rest of the time exploring the country
    Everyday! Whenever someone asks I'm the person to step up and help!
    I volunteer on holidays to help those who don't have the means to celebrate the way I do
    To fulfill any type of community service hours
  4. If I see a homeless person on the street I...

    Feel sad for him but walk past and don't do anything
    Go into a nearby restaurant and get him some food
    Hope he is still there later so that I could possibly give him my leftovers
    Sit down and talk to him for a while
  5. When my roommate asks me to pick her something up from the grocery store that she forgot I...

    Tell her it's no problem and grab it for her!
    Say yes, but ask her to venmo me
    Say no because I can't carry anything else besides what I have planned to get
    Say yes as long as she does me a favor in return
  6. When I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I...

    Was not nominated because no one thought I would do it
    Poured ice water on my head... what is ALS?
    Did not participate
    Donated and poured ice water on my head to raise awareness
  7. When I am leaving to drive somewhere I...

    Ask my roommates if anyone needs a ride anywhere
    Bring up in conversation where people need to go and only offer if it's on the way
    Leave quickly and hope none of my roommates see me
    Tell them I can't take them even if they do ask because I am going to be late

Are You A Good Person Or A Bad One


Congrats, you're a good person! You make the world better for everyone you meet!

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Sorry, but you're a bad person! You seem to have a few too many selfish tendencies. Try doing something that won't benefit yourself, only others!

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