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Why You Should Be Listening To 'Bleachers'.

If you aren't already--you really need to dive into 'Bleachers.' Here is why.

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If I'm going to be shallow--Jack Antonoff is adorable.

I mean, look at him. He is just the sweetest little musical angel! He's totally nailing that whole retro "Rick Moranis" vibe. Which I mean in the most sincere way.

Act like you didn't love him in Ghostbusters in 1984.

Dude is wicked talented.

Aside from his first band he had during high school, Steel Train. (Who toured with Tegan and Sara as well as Ben Folds, The Format, Jack's Mannequin and Barenaked Ladies...) He is also a member of the award winning group fun.

He co-wrote on fun.'s hit singles "We Are Young" and "Some Nights."

Not only that, he also co-wrote with Sara Bareilles on her hit song "Brave" and is reported to have helped out Taylor Swift with some tracks on her upcoming record.

Bleachers was a side project that was made in secret.

Who doesn't love a good secret? Bleachers was formed while on tour with fun. How exciting and thrilling is that to be able to work on an album without the pressure of society pulsing down your neck? He was already in a very successful band and yet Antonoff started working on this passion project in secret until February, 2014 when the first single dropped.

The music video for "I Wanna Get Better" is awesome.

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Not only did I fall in love with the lyrics to this song, the video has Retta in it. You know, Donna from Parks and Rec? It doesn't get more awesome than that. Oh wait, yes it does because it was directed by Lena Dunham.

Strange Desire gives me all that retro vibe I crave.

I'm a product of the 80's. Strange Desire, Bleachers debut album, gives me a soundtrack that I just want to dance with headphones on in my school library while serving a Saturday detention. When and if my life becomes a movie, my entire soundtrack will be Bleachers.

The lyrics are genius.

There are beat people and there are lyric people. Some people listen to a song without reading the lyrics first while others read the lyrics and then listen to the song. I'm a lyric person. Reading Bleachers lyrics is like reading pure poetry. They cut right to my soul, man.

Antonoff's Dad killed a man once. / Via


I'm just kidding....

No, but really, he told MTV a story about how his Dad played tennis and "rocketed this really hard forehand and hit the guy right in the chest and the next day he died of a heart attack. So my father’s actually killed someone."

Now who knows if this is a tall tale, but...I think it's best we don't play tennis against his Dad.

In conclusion:

Go to iTunes and download (yes, actually DOWNLOAD) Bleachers. The entire album is worth every penny.

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