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Top 5 Board Games That Should Be Adapted Into Movies.

Since Ouija Board is being adapted into a movie, I feel like there are other games that should get the same respect. And not just like... a cartoon version. I mean a real gritty Christopher Nolan or like Martin Scorsese adaptation. Plus maybe some happier versions by Judd Apatow.

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I mean...this is an obvious answer. But did you know this game was made in 1945 while its creator Eleanor Abbot was recovering from polio? Come on, that's an Oscar winning origin story.

The story of a lost king, King Kandy.... who needs to be found to restore order to the kingdom. You could make it some kind of Game of Thrones style. Watch your back with Grandma Nutt. Queen Frostine would be the villain. She would be the Elsa I always wanted and would never be able to let anything go.


A science fiction movie about a man, Sam, who has to undergo surgery for bizarre happenings in his body. He is a medical mystery and the doctors have to discover what caused such trauma in his system. It would be told in flashbacks as well as real time while Sam is under the knife.

What caused the literal "butterflies in his stomach"? What was he writing that created the "writers cramp".

Guess Who

A story about a man who is trying to find his identity. It would be a comedy staring Paul Rudd. He would have to go around and ask society questions about who he is and who they are and try to reconnect and discover his origin and family members. In the end, it would be a heart warming tale.

Snakes (Chutes) and Ladders.

Originally known as Snakes and Ladders but more commonly known as Chutes and Ladders.

The original version of the game had morality lessons. While making the journey along the board, the ladders would represent your progress in your life journey. The ladders represented the virtues and the snakes represented the vices. I would adapt it in to a horror/adventure story where a gang of friends has to recover a mysterious "blue ribbon" while being tempted to test their morality by the snakes at each turn.


A Hunger Game of sorts but without the killing to win. Just morally questionable strategies. Sorry would be a story set in suburbia about families who go head to head in the annual Summer Games Race. It combines cards of clues telling each team what their next step is and conflicts arise when teams end up at the same locations at the same time. Like the slogan's a game of sweet revenge.

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