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The One Thing You Never Noticed In Beauty And The Beast

Tale as old as time. But there is ONE thing you may have never noticed.

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While she was originally considered a prisoner


She knew she could leave whenever she wanted. She had her horse there and she did try to leave once. Beast came to her rescue. She still could have left him there in the woods to die. But she didn't.

While most of these characteristics we can credit to being raised by a single father


And Maurice did a great job in raising her. But we all know he was just a little bit crazy. So Belle must have got her level headedness from her mama.

From this evidence we learn that Belle's Mom was never NOT apart of the story.

Disney never does things on accident. The animators must have put it there for a reason, for people like me to find and speculate. To me this proves Belle's Mom may have been gone but never forgotten.

It is just nice to see her Mother was never an after thought. She was there with us the whole time.

What do you think? Is it her? Or just some random picture on the wall.

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