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    "Puppy Party" Is The Netflix Movie You Need To Watch Now

    We have all watched Kitten Party by now (or at least should have). Luckily, Puppy Party is here to satisfy the popular demand for more baby animals.

    Meet Milo!

    Everyone's excited!

    Including this Maltese!

    These pups are mad.

    They have fun!

    We meet friends like Benny!

    They will all play hide and seek at the party.

    There are awesome snacks at the party.


    Just chillin' at my party.

    It's 62 minutes of pure puppy love.

    So, go on and meet all of Milo's friends!

    Join them as they party in the backyard!

    This puppy got a bit too turnt up.

    Do you really need any more convincing?!

    Milo is waiting!

    Puppy Party, now streaming on Netflix.