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10 Throwback Shampoo Commercials In The Philippines

These throwback shampoo commercial in the Philippines caught our attention and some made us sing along.

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1. "Isa pa, pwede?" Lea Salonga for Cream Silk

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Lea Salonga is surely 100% a diva with her confidence, that's why it is no doubt that she got outstanding ovation when she only belted the first line of the song. *flips hair*

2. "Lahat ng hati na-try na ni Heart" Heart Evangelista for Vaseline Photo-Lipid Shampoo

YouTube / Via

Talked about the weird braids of Young Heart Evangelista in the last part (looks like a rice fields to me). She is also tagged just a teen veejay here and never forget the appearance of her mother too.

4. "Effort ba na magkaroon na smooth hair like mine?" Kim Chiu for Rejoice

YouTube / Via

Kim Chiu had been endorsing this product for yeeeaaars since she won the first season of PBB: Teen Edition in 2006. She even also had music video for the product in 2007. #KeringKeri

5. "Wait till you tried it, feeling diyosa ka rin!" Ruffa, Gretchen, Dawn, and Angel Aquino for Pantene

YouTube / Via

Probably one of my favorites. These four revealed their secret to shine. I am shook for what Ruffa and Dawn said. The commercial is also pretty convincing because of Natasha Bedingfield song "Unwritten" in the background.

7. "Mukhang Mas Makapal" Claudia Barretto for Vaseline Thick & Clean

YouTube / Via

Yep, Vaseline did it again! They make catchy commercials and this time Claudia Barretto appeared in the commercial as "lagi na lang nangunguna, bida at pinakamaganda" in school and community. All of the students are jealous of her. And even the elderly ones are in awe. No wonder they always say "Kapaaal."

8. "Check Your Hair" Liza Soberano for Palmolive Naturals

YouTube / Via

Who couldn't thought that this commercial is three years ago. We all know Liza have that effortless beauty, even the traffic enforcer couldn't bear the beauty.

9. "Me? mag-eendorse nang ibang shampoo?" Kris Aquino for Pantene

YouTube / Via

Kris Aquino gave us a fact that she's using the product for seven years (iyon lang daw pumasa sa kanya, so 'wag kayo). And even swear her name for the product. That's why...

10. "Kung ano-ano ginawa ko" Andi Eigenmann for Pantene

YouTube / Via

My top favorite. Looks like Andi Eigenmann is in deep trouble for what she did in her hair. But luckily managed it and because of her overjoy, she take a spin in the chair. Wooooo

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