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Boomerang Tiara Missing- Wonder Woman Spoiler Review

I know it has taken a while but I had my junior certificate examinations going on while I was planning to do this. I found the Wonder woman movie was an OK movie. In this article I will be reviewing the film with spoilers as I presume allot of people has seen it.

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My thoughts on her back up?

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First of all I thought her team was good that it used different nationality's to show how the war has affected different countries.

Sameer- Now this charter I find was played by a good actor ( Saïd Taghmaoui) but the script was not good for his acting ability. I do appreciate Warner brothers for not using any stereotypes on this character because he was an Arab. If an Arab character appeared in a marvel movie he would more than likely be a terrorist who has no respect for females. Said is a French Muslim so as an actor he carries a good light for their community after multiple terrorist attacks in France during the last two years. I find after this appearance their will be more Arab good people in blockbuster films. In films good people cant always be white North American/ European charters. I got say i enjoyed the chemistry between Sameer and Wonder Woman in the bar in London. Apart from Steve Trevor this was probably Wonder Woman's first true friendship in the outside world. I would love to see Saïd Taghmaoui return for Wonder Woman 2 as Sameer and grow as a friend to Dianna and as a character. This is a key example of good diversity in films. I hope you guys at home feel the same about this issue in films. He wont won an Oscar but he would definitely leave a legacy. I hope hes an inspiration to younger Arabs who want to make as actor who can fulfill the roles of good people. The only real time when marvel tried making more diversity was when they aired Luke Cage last September last September and we all know how bad that film turned out to be. The point I am making is that blockbuster films need to stop placing stereotypes on people.I could make a separate article on the issue.

Steve Trevor: I got to applaud on of my favorite actors Chris Pine for his portrayal of the famous comic book character. I might have shed a few tears.

Apache Chief:: I definitely had some mixed feelings about the portrayal of the Apache chief in the movie of Wonder woman. In one hand it is good to have a native American superhero but on the other hand what is the point in having if he is not going to fight during the film.I thought it was foolish of Warner brothers.

Charlie: Now I got to say charlie the Scottish marksman was really funny.

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