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24 Things Only People With Purple Hair Will Understand

Purple hair? Don't care.

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1. Everything ends up purple.

PhotoBucket / Via

2. Your clothes, your pillowcases, your hands...

Shankill Butchers / Via
@MovieMazz / Via Instagram: @moviemazz
Fifty Shades Of Fucked Up / Via
@AnnaPaquin / Via Twitter: @AnnaPaquin

3. Your neck, your ears...

@MovieMazz / Via


Giphy / Via

5. Then there's the regrowth.

@MovieMazz / Via

6. And the glamourous dye process.

@AnnaPaquin / Via Twitter: @AnnaPaquin
@MovieMazz / Via

7. People always compare you to Kelly Osbourne.

Huffington Post / Via

8. Or Katy Perry.

Giphy / Via

9. Or Nicole Richie.

@NicoleRichie / Via

10. "OMG you look just like Demi Lovato that one time!"

@ddlovato / Via Instagram: @ddlovato
Now It's Adventure Time / Via

11. "Oh, and hey, Anna Paquin now too!"

@AnnaPaquin / Via Twitter: @AnnaPaquin

12. There's always some confusion...

Just-A-Regular-Teen / Via

13. "Wow, I love your pink hair!"

Yes Summer World / Via

14. And the classic "Blue is an amazing colour on you".

Pinterest / Via
Meme Cdn / Via

15. Someone will always ask if that's your 'natural' hair colour

Die Tonight Live4Eva / Via
Are We Even Alive / Via

16. Plus, there's the concerned "But who will hire you with purple hair?"

Heck Yes Purple Hair / Via

17. Because Lord knows you can't be professional with purple hair, right?

ForsakenSilence SweetVengeance / Via


@TylerOakley / Via
Kitty Princess / Via

19. You can sometimes get called 'Ribena head'

Marx Grocer / Via
Giphy / Via

20. Your cosplay options are limited: Leela from Futurama or Shana from Jem And The Holograms?

Maaretta Wordpress / Via
Madame Noire / Via

21. Yet you're not that limited... Psylocke approves

WriteUps / Via
Oh No They Didn't / Via

22. But the positives far outnumber the negatives.

Everything You Want To Be / Via

23. Because it looks AWESOME.

Meme Generator / Via
She's Not Afraiddd / Via

24. And is the best colour... possibly ever

Giphy / Via

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