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18 Incredible Tattoos Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

Prepare to be blown away. Zane Donnellan is the king of popular culture tattoos.

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1. This is the work of Zane Donnellan aka Gooney Toons.

2. He's an Australian tattoo artist who works on the New South Wales Central Coast.

3. And he has some mad skills.

4. He's done awesome tats, like this one showing the monsters from the '90s show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

5. And wouldn't you want a tattoo of Daria's Jane Lane?

6. Or one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

8. He makes tattoos of obscure Disney references.

9. He can pretty much do a tattoo of any popular fandom.

10. Gooney Toons also knows that winter is coming.

11. And appreciates Lego Gandalf.

12. He knows that Harry Potter is one of the greatest fandoms.

13. Zane is responsible for the single greatest Jurassic Park tattoo in the history of the universe.
Universal Pictures / Via

14. He can also win love by daylight and fight evil by moonlight.

15. To infinity and beyond.

16. He knows that everyone's favorite X-Men is Gambit.


17. And even the lesser known favorites. Sorry, Jubilee.

18. But perhaps most importantly, Zane Donnellan remembers the best character in Tim Burton's Batman Returns: the Torpedo Penguins.
Warner Bros. / Via

Check out more work by this tattooist, here.

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