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The 10 Craziest Close Calls From "Mountain Men"

Like getting into a fist fight with Mother Nature. For more insanity, tune in to the Mountain Men season premiere on Sunday, June 1 at 9/8 C, only on HISTORY.

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1. Marty's plane stalls...

...but he manages to restart it midair, just a couple of seconds from death!

2. Marty's snow machine strands him... again.

Snowshoes, 10 miles, and a whole bunch of frustration.

3. Charlie crashes and injures his shoulder!


Jim comes to his rescue, but Charlie nearly jeopardizes his entire trapping season.

4. A giant flippin' grizzly bear tries to steal Tom's pigeons.


Electric fence be darned!

5. Tom fends off a WILDFIRE.

By chopping down trees!

6. Eustace and Preston chase off a thievin', no-good poacher!

Fight gunfire with gunfire, as they say.

7. Marty tracks and kills a moose at. the. last. minute.

And nary a poacher in sight.

8. Rich's dogs bark off into a cougar cave.

Maul-free: the way to be.

9. Rich finally reunites with his lost dog, Turbo.


And all it took was sleeping fireside in wolf country and trekking 10 miles.

10. Rich chases a mountain lion up a tree.

To try to scare it out of the tree and off of his land, of course.