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11 Survival Basics That Are Harder Than They Look

You call these basic? Surviving in the wild is more difficult than you'd expect, particularly as illustrated by the hardy outdoorsmen on Mountain Men.

1. "I'll just start this fire with a bow drill! Shouldn't take too long."

2. "I shall simply craft a custom lure to catch my dinner."

3. "My goodness! I caught a fish instead of a finger! Now, to clean it!"

4. "Tonight, I will track down dinner!"

5. "Ha ha! I have successfully hunted down an animal! Now, I'll divide it and store it for winter."

6. "Oh no! Surprise downpour, I have no choice but to quickly assemble a makeshift lean-to."

7. "No reason not to chop myself some firewood."

8. "I am a master of navigation. I will journey using only the stars and my compass as my guide."

9. "Tonight, stars will be my night-light, and this camp bed will be a break from mattress monotony."

10. "Winter hiking? What a delightful new challenge."

11. "I will reduce my footprint and use natural repellents available around me."