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We Asked People To Capture Their Borough In One Single Photo

We challenged Londoners to capture a moment in their pocket of the city with a single photograph using the Moto G by Motorola.

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Courtesy of Jade E.

Location: Stratford

"This is the view from my office in old Stratford. I live and work here, and it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. It never, ever stops, day or night. From the ground you can't always tell how vibrant Newham is. But from up here, the history, the Olympic legacy, the future, you can see it all. It's pretty special."

– Jade E.

City of London

Courtesy of Rachel T.

Location: Barbican

"There are only 8,000 residents living in the City of London, but during the week these numbers swell to 300,000 with city workers. I've lived in the Barbican for eight years, and there is a great sense of community amongst residents. This photo was taken in one of the secluded private gardens; they are beautiful, tranquil retreats from the busy streets."

– Rachel T.


Courtesy of Ayotunde A.

Location: Deptford High St.

"Moving back home after uni was a little jarring. Deptford and Lewisham as a whole have changed so much in so little time. The gentrification is real. So it's always a joy to see familiar faces – pillars of the community that connect the old with the new. This is Ronnie, and he's been running the best fruit and veg stall in Deptford High Street Market for the last 30 years...and looks exactly the same!"

– Ayotunde A.


Courtesy of Alessia M.

Location: Harrow on the Hill

"I took this picture to show the diverse ethnic groups that live in harrow, specifically in this picture: Filipino, English, Somali, Iranian, Kenyan, Indian, and a bit of a mix of everything. Unlike some other places, Harrow is a place where the youth seem to have friendship groups with mixed nationalities, and this picture, for me, accurately demonstrates the diversity and acceptance, and also unity, of harrow in the urban youth."

– Alessia M.


Courtesy of Louise E.

Location: Archway Bridge

"The photo I've taken here is of my oldest friend in the world looking out off suicide bridge in Archway. It seems like a pretty twisted thing to take a photo of, but, really, for me this represents the feeling of coming home. The road below leads in/out of London (and Islington) and was the point when I was little and had been away that I knew I was nearly home again. It's also the way home that my grandad used to walk me from school so it's got some family memories tied in there, along with a pretty ridiculous view of the London landscape."

– Louise E.


Courtesy of Alex G.

Location: London Fields

"I was born in London Fields at a time when the borough was still impoverished. Many regions were hostile and, at times, inaccessible, but, beneath that exterior, there has always existed a rich, diverse, and spirited community. Ours is a culture responsible for producing great acting talent, businessmen, musicians and DJs, and a basically endless list of respected artists.

"This is no coincidence. To understand what kind of mutual values these people share and how it has fed into their success, you'd need to spend some time amongst the residents over at Ridley Road, Hoxton, and Stoke Newington High Street. These days it's a seamless blend of cultures – Turkish, Vietnamese, and African-Caribbean. These varying ethnicities enjoy an amicable lifestyle beside one another, prospering from their joint ownership of the borough. The result is an open, honest communion where difference is celebrated and where a brazen young artist can practice her/his craft without fear of becoming negatively distinguished.

"I just want it to be remembered that, during these last 24 years (that's all I know), there has been something uniquely proud and colourful about Hackney. I think we produce a distinctly confident and openminded sort of person, Carnival is just an exhibition of that sentiment."

– Alex G.


Courtesy of Stephen O.

Location: Greenwich Park

"One summer me and my friends were in the secret garden at Greenwich Park, just being teenagers, and, when we tried to leave, we realised we were locked in the park. We had to climb on each other's backs and scale the wall to get out of the park!"

– Stephen O.


Courtesy of Ayesha M.

Location: Ealing Broadway

"I went up to this vendor, hoping to get a shot of him making jalebi. I told him I wanted to take a photo for a project and his entire face lit up. 'This is real Punjabi food!' he said proudly, before asking me to take a video of him so he could tell everyone how to make jalebi authentically. “It’s very simple, and everyone is happy when eating it. That’s why jalebi is called jalebi – it is an Indian name.” This interaction sums up Ealing to me: It’s a borough full of different cultures and backgrounds, and everyone is incredibly proud of their heritage. They don't shy away from it. But not only that – everyone is willing to share their customs and their traditions with one another. There’s a level of openness and cohesion in Eailing that I think is pretty unique. People here want to share the moments that make them happy with others, and I think that’s really special."

– Ayesha M.


Courtesy of Supriya A.

Location: Fulham Road.

"When I tell people I've grown up from Chelsea, they always picture people in the area as having a stiff upper lip and keeping very much to themselves. What they don't know is it's almost like a little village with an extremely strong sense of community. People always stop and say hi to each other in the street. Everyone's watched the kids in the area grow up and follow their progress through life. This little newsagent has been here for 30 years and has maintained the sense of community on the area. People always stop in the shop and have a chat and catch up, and it always feels like home."

– Supriya A.


Courtesy of Rehema F.

Location: Tooting Bec Common

"London is full of green spaces, but I didn't realise how lucky I was to grow up so close to Tooting Bec Common until I discovered that in other cities most people don't have the luxury of a park at the end of their street! I have so many great memories of this place, from walking home from school barefoot through the grass with my brothers as a child; to sneaking down the road under the cover of dark to sit in the park drinking cheap cider with friends as a teenager; to recent laid back bank holiday weekends spent picnicking with extended family. The park is particularly beautiful first thing in the morning during the autumn, when the grass is still dewy, the leaves are turning, mist is rising through the trees and the sun is coming up. If ever inspiration was needed for getting up and going for a run – that's more than enough. The park continues to be a real community hub – with two children's playgrounds, a mums and toddlers group, a cricket crease, tennis courts, and a bustling café. It sums up my borough for me because home is found in the day to day spaces and meaningful memories."

– Rehema L.


Courtesy of Dilesh Patel

Location: Peckham

"This is a corridor of pre-existing local business mixed in with new creative startups in Peckham. It captures the opportunity that people seek here to bring their passions to life. You'll find a small community formed out of an assortment of record stores, barbers, CD/DVD outlets, fabric shops, thrift stores, and cafés here. It breathes an air of social easiness, and I have spent many a Saturday just catching up with owners, traders, and artists. Much like the arcade, I think Southwark's rough and ready nature proves to be a very inviting and wholesome borough that puts the community first."

– Dilesh P.

Tower Hamlets

Courtesy of Laura S.

Location: Victoria Park

"I chose Victoria Park as its one of my favourite places in London. I'm dragged here by my dog most weekends! I love that in the middle of a busy built up area you have this sprawling park. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city."

– Laura S.


Nathan P.

Location: Camden Lock

"Camden to me is the entrepreneurial culture, the small businesses and the food market, celebrating food from all over the world. The range of tastes and smells you encounter at every turn reflect the diverse London we live in, and, with the tourists always there too, it's places like this that make London feel like a truly global city."

– Nathan P.