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10 Times We're Glad Our Parents Don't Make Choices For Us Anymore

Because you forgot how bad it was. Doing whatever you want is the best part of being old. Luckily, with the Moto X by Motorola, you finally have choices. Rejoice, fellow adult.

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4. Watching TV

"You watch too much garbage. Have you heard of JAG? It's this terrific TV show that was cancelled a few million years ago. You'll love it. Why are you crying? SIT DOWN AND WATCH JAG WITH YOUR OLD MAN."

9. Choosing the Music in the Car

"You kids just don't appreciate music anymore. Sure, our parents said the exact same thing to us, but what did they know. Here, listen to this recording of a trumpet being drowned in a bathtub filled with knives and try to tell me it isn't catchy."