Drunkards: Animals that Consume Fermented Drinks or Fruits

Because even animals love a good drink! Here’s a list of 5 animals that love the buzz much as we do:

1. Elephants

Ever wondered where Disney got its idea for drunk Dumbo? Real elephant behavior. Like raiding the beer supplies of a town or village. The results are usually not pretty

2. Bears

Hoo boy. Contrary to popular belief, bears don’t tend to go after picnic baskets. They tend to raid camps, sure, but they go for the beer. Like this black bear that was found passed out drunk on the lawn of the Baker Lake Resort back in 2004.

3. Monkeys

The monkey business of drunk animals continues… with literal monkeys—and literal mischief as these mammals were caught stealing drinks from tourists at tropical destinations all over the world.

4. Shrews

And now for something totally different… the pentailed tree shrew! It doesn’t raid or steal drinks, but it does consume fermented fruit from the bertam palm tree every night!

5. Moose

Let this be a lesson to other moose—never eat fermented apples. This guilty moose got caught up in a tree for its crime, and eventually freed, but talk about being stuck under the influence!

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