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    20 Unlikely Animal Friendships

    Who'd have thought? Even Mother Nature doesn't set things in stone. From a sheep that brought a baby elephant out of a deep depression to natural enemies that snuggle down together for every nap, these heartwarming relationships are unforgettable.

    1. The cat and the duckling

    2. The tiger and the orangutan

    3. The pigeon and the macaque

    4. The elephant and the sheep

    5. The tiger and the piglets

    6. The hippo and the tortoise

    7. The cat and the red panda

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    Cora68/YouTube / Via

    After its mother left, this red panda joined a group of kittens being raised by a house cat at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.

    8. The monkey and the dog

    9. The chick and the kitty

    10. The deer and the goose

    11. The cheetah and the pup

    12. The mouse and the frog

    13. The kitty and the crow

    14. The greyhound and the baby owl

    15. The lion, tiger and bear (oh my!)

    16. The sled dog and the polar bear

    17. The baby monkey and the pig

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    ParryGripp/YouTube / Via

    This adorable video of two unlikely furry friends went viral in 2010, and when Parry Gripp penned a ridiculously addictive song to accompany it, the video became that much better. Warning: Watch at your own risk. This song will be in your head for days.

    18. The dolphin and the cat

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    vidioin/YouTube / Via

    When a tabby cat named Arthur encountered a couple of dolphins at an Islamorada, Fla., marine park, no one would’ve expected them to hit it off so well. The two gregarious dolphins named Thunder and Shiloh were clearly delighted by their new feline friend and were quick to nuzzle him as Arthur pawed their noses.

    19. The cat and the shepherd dog

    20. The rabbit and the deer