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8 Reasons You Need This Baby-Making Kit In Your Baby-Making Life

Let's make a baby! Mosie Baby has created something special. Let us explain why you want this.

1. First off, because you've been trying for a baby for what feels like forever. Or you're LQBTQ+ and the conventional way isn't an option!

2. Mosie Baby has everything you need for at-home insemination in one easy bundle!

3. It's a super-affordable choice worth considering before you jump to IUI or other invasive, expensive options.

4. Because your fertility window is pretty short, ovulation predictor tests are a MUST.

5. It works with frozen or fresh sperm.

6. This unique insemination syringe with slit opening mimics Mother Nature, insuring you don't waste any sperm.

7. Because you need to know if it worked: pregnancy tests!

8. And finally, because fertility struggles are stressful, and any steps you can take to make getting pregnant easier are valuable.

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