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11 Things You Find Yourself Saying When Going To Flatshare Castings In Berlin

You'll just start secretly having your kebab outside after you've successfully made the first round of competitors in a flatshare casting.

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1. Of course I don't mind you smoking anywhere in the house.

2. I'm a Vegetarian.

3. I love the bedroom.

4. Of course I'll help with renovations.

5. I love to cook.

6. I don't mind you running around naked.

7. I'm sort of in an open relationship myself.

8. I'm definitely looking for something that's permanent.

9. Yeah sure 3 months would be fine, it's just that I start working this new job in a week and really need a place to stay at the moment.

10. I'm actually Vegan myself.

11. I consider myself an artist as well.

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