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34 Times Beyoncé And Jay Z Were Too Perfect To Be Real

The definition of #RelationshipGoals.

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1. When they posed in front of the Mona Lisa:

2. When they looked fabulous in white:

3. When they stared in each others eyes on the beach:

4. When they looked so classy in black and white:

5. When their stylishness put everyone else to shame:

6. When they took vacation pictures like this:

7. And they looked so happy like this:

8. When they needed help carrying all their Grammys:

9. When Bey sat on Jay's lap while she looked out over the ocean:

10. When they caught you looking:

11. When they biked through Amsterdam with Blue:

12. Every time they watch the Nets play:

14. When they posed in front of a deserted Louvre:

15. When their outfits color-coordinated so perfectly:

16. Everytime they perform on stage together:

17. When they share a good laugh:

18. When they looked flawless:

19. When they got caught kissing:

20. When their festival look was on point:

21. Of course, when they kissed on TV and melted everyone's heart:

22. When they stood in the elevator holding hands:

23. When they watched the sunset on a yacht:

24. When they drank champagne together:

25. When Jay pushed Bey on a swing:

26. When they sat with Nelson Mandela:

27. When they rode on a scooter together:

28. And looked at fireworks with Blue afterwards:

30. So beautiful:

32. *sigh*

33. *smiles*

34. #RelationshipGoals:

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