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Mario Testino's Coverage Of The MET Gala Is The Only One You'll Need

The MET gala never looked so glamorous

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This is Mario himself, ready to shoot some awesome pictures

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was his date

Amal Clooney got a fitting by John Galliano while Anna Wintour was watching

He is obviously the insider

Katie Holmes looking oh so glamorous

Lily Aldridge & Karen Elson were happily surprised by him.

The happy couple Solange and Alan arrived

Jennifer Lopez made sure she posed for a beautiful Testino shot

Uma Thurman & Andre Balazs were happy to see him

Ansel Elgort got himself a new profile picture (with Lorde in the back)

This is amazing: Lee Daniels, Rihanna and Naomi Cambell

Valentino & Anne Hathaway together

He snapped Bee Sheffer with closed eyes and she still looks beautiful

Rihanna performed while Cara Delevingne, Stella McCartney and Olivia Wilde danced around her

He snapped Miley Cyrus at her best

We want this one above our bed

We've never seen Miranda Kerr so pretty

And we now know that this is how Katy Perry looks when she has dessert

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