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47 Thoughts You Have When You Have The Flu

"Why don't my parents call me?"

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1. *Alarm*. Yeah, fresh new start. Might go for a run

2. Wait everything hurts

3. My muscles hurt

4. Did I go to the gym yesterday?

5. I should get up

6. Nope can't

7. My head is pounding

8. Did I go for a drink yesterday?

9. Does this mean I'm getting old?

10. I don't understand

11. Whats wrong with me?


12. I should try to get up and have breakfast

13. Nope not getting up and definitely not hungry

14. I think I have a fever

15. I should take my temperature

16. Wait, I don't have a thermometer

17. Why did I never bought a thermometer

18. Now no one will believe I'm sick because I can't tell my temperature

19. I should buy one now

20. Nope not getting up


21. I should call my parents

22. Yes they could pick me up and take care of me

23. Why don't they call me and ask how I'm doing, I'm obviously sick

24. Not calling my parents, I can do this my self

25. I'll send some texts to my friends: 'I think I'm really sick'

26. Why is no one responding?

27. Oh wait it's 6 am

28. I should sleep

29. I got a text. No I don't want a fruit basket, in fact no one can see me like this

30. Tea will help

31. Nope not getting out of bed

32. It's really hot in here

33. *Feeling my head*

34. I definitely have a fever

35. I want to know how high body temperature is

36. I should call some one who has a thermometer

37. No, no one can see me like this

38. My head is pounding like crazy

39. Do I have painkillers?

40. Maybe it's serious

41. I should go to the doctor

42. I can't get up

43. I should sleep, that will help


44. That didn't help

45. I feel worse

46. Am I ever going to be better?

47. Can someone please take care of me?


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