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10 Signs It’s Time To “FINISH HIM"

Are you ready for all this FATALITY?! Mortal Kombat X Available Digitally & In Stores now. Buy your copy here.

1. When you get an URGENT email at 5 p.m.:

2. When bae keeps trying to wake you up when it's obvious that you're trying to sleep in:

3. When people try to touch your face because your skin looks so smooth:

4. When your lil bro won't stop trying to hang out with you and your friends:

5. When the bank teller is ignoring you:

6. When you spray your bud with a hose because he's acting super thirsty:

7. When your bro says his sumo is superior:

8. When you try to play it cool after a sneak attack:

9. When a stage-five clinger won't stop licking at your hooves:

10. And when some thug doesn't know that you're actually a Jedi:

Get ready to FINISH HIM. Mortal Kombat X is here.