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How To Overcome Anything

As told through cat GIFs.

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Having a bad day? Maybe you need a friend to jump in and help you out.

Sometimes LIFE happens and we have no clue how to react.

You might be a little overwhelmed at first.

Or like, really freaked out.


But that's totally ok, because everyone has days where they're blindsided

What's important is remembering that you're awesome

And can handle any challenge that comes your way

Because you are innovative, and quick on your feet


Sometimes being innovative means there's a risk of failure

Or that you might fall a bit short

Remember not to beat yourself up about it

But it's more likely that you're going to kick this obstacle's ass


So get busy!

Because you're going to totally nail it

And you'll get the recognition you deserve for it, too

The rest will be smooth sailing.

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