21 Animals That Say Gay Is OK

Rainbows for everyone!

1. This panda loves the ideas of gays getting married.

2. This zebra just hopes you’ll invite him to the wedding.

3. This guy just couldn’t take it when Delaware announced it now allows same-sex marriages.


4. These gals are all for marriage equality, too.

(Lisa on the far right is gay)

5. These guys just realized they have nothing to wear for Pride.

6. This couple doesn’t judge, because love is love.

7. This guy is straight, but doesn’t think listening to Scissor Sisters is a ‘gay’ thing.

Or wearing that FABULOUS scarf.

8. She thinks everyone should have rights.

9. This guy doesn’t care HOW he expresses himself, as long as he can wear these heels.

10. Even Llama Del Rey is on board with the equal rights movement.

But if you’ll excuse her, she’s Off To The Races.

11. And Grumpy Cat

She’ll hate you because of your personality, NOT because you’re gay.

12. These birds think that maybe everyone’s a little gay.

13. This giraffe is a little scared of all the bigotry happening nowadays.

14. And this guy thinks everyone needs to lighten up.

15. Because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

16. And gay is TOTALLY OK

17. At least, according to Robot Unicorn it is.

PS best game ever.

18. And Lady GaGa

19. And Obama

20. And Canada

21. And anyone with a sense of reason, logic, and love.

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