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11 Amazing Songs From Divas Not Born In The U.S.

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1. Icona Pop: Top Rated

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We'll Start Off Easy:

Surely by now you've at least heard of Swedish-born Icona Pop, formed back in 2009 while living in Stockhom. This DJ duo successfully mash electro house music with indie pop- and have a blast while doing it. Their most successful hit, "I Love It" has gathered national attention because it's just so damn good. Here's an equally great radio-worthy hit from their EP- that's right, they don't even have a full album released yet. They're just that good.

2. Kerli: The Lucky Ones

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Better With Time:

Not unline Icona Pop, Kerli plays with electronic dance beats accompanied by equally powerful vocals. Born in Estonia, Kerli entered many singing competitions before releasing her first album in 2008, with a very different tone than the song above. Regardless, it seems she's finally found her groove, and we like it.

3. Florence + The Machine: Bedroom Hymns

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An Old Solution:

Long before her well-known collaborations with DJ Calvin Harris, Florence Welsh of Florence + The Machine populated mostly UK radio charts, with great help from the BBC, who played the majority of their material. The Machine's music has overpowered lots of competition since their debut album in 2009, rightfully titled Lungs with the widely successful single, "Dog Days Are Over" and the even more successful sophomore album Ceremonials. While the album has many songs that perfectly touch across various genres, "Bedroom Hymns" is a hidden gem that demonstrates their wide range of musical abilities.

4. Charlie XCX: What I Like

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Ha Ha Ha:

Charli XCX from Hertfordshire, started work in the music industry back in 2008 before garnering a loyal fan base and providing vocals for "I Love It", Icona Pop's current chart topper. Her most recent album, titled "True Romance" blends her sultry voice with elecro-pop styled tracks, with "What I Like" resembling something we might hear on an MIA album.

5. Kylie Mynogue: Skirt

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Kylie Mynogue has been in the game a while, beginning her musical career in 1987. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Kylie has dabbled in a wide variety of musical sounds, and has won various awards throughout the duration of her career, including multiple Brit Awards and even snagging a Grammy. Her most recent musical venture has some help from The Dream to achieve a club-worthy track you're bound to get stuck in your head.

6. Loreen: Euphoria

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Still An Idol:

Born in Stockholm, Loreen is both a pop singer and musical producer. After coming in fourth place in Sweden's Idol singing competiton in 2004, Loreen created a few of her own songs that had commercial success back home. Released in 2012, "Euphoria" demonstrates her powerful lungs that's sure to have you pressing the repeat button.

7. Emile Sandé: Daddy

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In Heaven:

Emile Sandé was born in England, and has dabbled in genres such as pop, R&B, soul, and adult contemporary, while finally reaching mainstream charts on her own in 2012 with her single "Next To Me". Her album Our Version of Events not only shines with songs like the one above, but lays the foundation for what we hope to be a very long musical career ahead.

8. Jessie Ware: Wildest Moments

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Wildest Moments:

Coming from South London, Jessie Ware spent the beginning of her musical career providing backing vocals for artist Jack Peñate and Man Like Me. In 2012 she released Devotion, which eventually gained publicity with songs like "Wildest Moments" being played on TV. Jessie Ware is starts her US tour in April of 2013.

9. Drogonette: Live In This City

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Hello Dragonette:

Formed in Toronto, Canada, Dragonette is composed of Martina Sorbara and producer Dan Kurtz, and drummer Joel Stouffer. After picking up and moving to London, Dragonette has released three albums since 2005, the most recent being Bodyparts with the single "Live In This City" which is bound to end up on your party playlist.

10. Tegan and Sara: Body Work

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A Little Closer:

Officially formed in 1995, Canadian born Tegan and Sara have been in the music industry a while. The two have released a total of seven studio albums over the years, all with their classic musical touch. The most recent album, title Heartthrob shows evolution in their sound while a collaboration with Morgan Page for his single "Body Work" proves these gals can do just about anything, and have a blast while doing so.

11. Marina and the Diamonds: Power & Control

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Tug & War:

Welsh born singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis first touched the spotlight in 2010 after reaching the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming in second place to Ellie Goulding. After not reaching the success she'd quite hoped for, she let her guards down and opened up to the idea of allowing others to work on her music with her. The result was Electra Heart, her second studio album, released in 2012. The album went straight to number one in the UK and Ireland while expanding her US fan-base exponentially. The combination of satire-filled lyrics, pounding synthesizers and powerful vocals make the entire album a must-listen.

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