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10 Crossfit Tips For Beginners


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10. The first few days are most definitely going to be filled with sore muscles and tears.

It will suck..like really suck. But keep a positive attitude, sore means you are doing something right!!

8. Wear whatever makes you feel nice and comfy -- most of your wardrobe will become workout clothes, so prepare yourself.

Your butt will look fine in those shorts, don't worry.

link to shop for workout clothes: http://shop.lululemon.com/?

4. What are double unders you may ask? The devil's way of adding 100 m/ph with two skips to jumping rope.

They are essential to cross fit workouts, so practice them even though they are kinda hard.

2. Cheating only hurts yourself, but if your new and not feeling the workout, knock yourself out.

This sounds awful from a crossfitter, but remember cheating won't help you in later workouts, trust me.

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