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36 Of The Best Things To Buy At Urban Outfitters BOGO 50% Off Sale

I pretty much bought everything on the list.

1. A white dress with pockets for when you brunch hardcore on Saturday. Don't be ashamed, we all do it.

2. A tie-dye baseball hat that brings you straight back to the '70s.

3. Cat-eye sunglasses so no one can see you creeping over their shoulder staring at their texts.

4. Hoop earrings that are light enough they won't elongate your earlobes and make you look like Dumbo.

5. A vegan leather tote for the animal-friendly person inside you. It's also reversible!

6. A vegan choker necklace that kinda looks like a sexy shoelace.

7. A hard-shell suitcase even the flight attendants will be jealous of.

8. A super cute romper that opens up in the back.

9. A denim jacket with plenty of pockets so you won't have to carry a purse.

10. A push-up bralette that will totally motivate you to go to the gym just so you can wear it.

11. A zodiac keychain so you don't forget your birthday month.

12. A mesh skirt that is perfect for Coachella.

13. Suede sandals for when you hate summer and really want fall to come asap.

14. Sandals that tie in the back so they definitely won't fall off, even if you trip a lot.

15. A peace tee to remind us we all just need to get along.

16. Mesh socks that are totally on trend this spring but really have the opposite effect of what socks are supposed to do.

17. A tie-dye bandana to cover up those "straightener burns" on your neck you get after a Saturday night out.

18. A bubble umbrella that blocks you from more rain than a standard umbrella.

19. A maroon hoodie with an embroidered yin yang.

20. A purple mini dress that has a halter tie.

21. A recycled crop top made from vintage rugby shirts - each one is different!

22. A mesh bomber jacket that you won't overheat in.

23. These brightly patterned shorts perfect for summer.

24. These earrings that can go up your ear as an ear climber or can be worn as drop earrings.

25. A patch printed bomber jacket to be the staple of your outfit for the evening.

26. A cut out dress that's perfect for a summer wedding.

27. A cardholder made with vegan leather that's so shiny, you'll never accidentally leave it in a dark bar.

28. These super cute sandals that are a great way to show off that pedicure.

29. An empowering choker necklace that's the perfect gold staple item you've been looking for.

30. High-rise skinny jeans perfect for day and night.

31. An oversized denim jersey that you can wear out as a dress.

32. A loose fitted tee for when you have a food baby.

33. Fish net tights that pull up past your jeans - I swear it's a trend this year!

34. A little black dress because we all need one for that Friday date night.

35. Knit sneakers that resemble Kanye's insanely expensive ones but that you can actually afford to get dirty.

36. Sandals by Rihanna because we all secretly want to be bad like her.

Happy shopping!