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    30 Highly-Rated Sandals You Can Get On Sale Right Now

    Time to get a pedicure!

    1. Flipflops if you are all about that simple life.

    2. Sandals that have an ankle strap so they won't fall off while dancing.

    3. Fabric sandals with open sides to air out your sweaty feet.

    4. Contoured-footbed sandals so comfortable you will never take them off.

    5. Sandals that can't slip off thanks to the buckle.

    6. Slide sandals in a metallic bronze because you deserve to stand out.

    7. Gladiator-inspired sandals because girls can fight too.

    8. Sandals you can wear to brunch, dinner...screw it you can wear these everywhere!

    9. Flipflops with a cute little flower just in case you have no one to buy a bouquet for you.

    10. Sandals that have straps. Lots and lots of straps.

    11. Slide sandals you can velcro over your feet, just in case you are wide-footed.

    12. Toe-ring sandals so cute you'll wish the straps doubled as bracelets.

    13. Sandals that delicately wrap up your legs.

    14. Sandals with the slightest platform to give yourself that extra inch.

    15. Sandals you'll look at and think "damn, I wish that ring was on my finger."

    16. Sandals with a cork-like sole for the wine lover inside of you.

    17. Sandals that draw extra attention to your toes.

    18. Woven sandals you can wear out shopping...when you are buying even more sandals.

    19. Thong sandals with a small wedge so you'll feel more dressed up.

    20. Sandals you can wear all day long because of the lightly-padded insole.

    21. Embellished sandals with a bow accent.

    22. T-strap sandals you really won't lose after a night out thanks to the back zipper AND buckle.

    23. Flip flop sandals with a sporty look to them.

    24. Gladiator-inspired sandals because your feet deserve to be looked at, too.

    25. Strappy sandals with not one, but two buckles for extra security.

    26. Slip-on sandals that have double straps so they don't flop so much.

    27. Slide sandals with a sparkling touch to match your sparkling eyes.

    28. Braided sandals that scream "I wish I knew how to braid my hair but hey, my shoes will do!"

    29. Sandals you tie into a bow — but are so much better than gym shoes.

    30. Thong sandals embellished with rhinestones because you're extra AF.

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