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    22 Deals On Products To Help You Upgrade Your Home This Spring

    Never pay full price, we got you!

    1. Enhance your toilet by adding a bidet with pressure control knobs that self-cleans the nozzle for you.

    2. Upgrade to a coil pull down kitchen faucet that has different spray functions.

    3. Replace all the bulbs in your home with these LED lights to save energy.

    4. Redo your kitchen walls with this stylish peel and stick backsplash.

    5. Make installing a doorbell easier than ever by plugging this wireless one into your wall.

    6. Replace your old kitchen knobs with new and improved versions.

    7. Create some privacy with this fashionable window film.

    8. Cover your ugly floor with these dark slate marble vinyl tiles.

    9. Make your stairs extra fierce with these brackets.

    10. Stain your porch with this stain and sealer that requires no primer.

    11. Upgrade your bathroom with this 6-setting dual shower head.

    12. Improve your kitchen counters with this paint so everyone will think you have real granite.

    13. Organize your messy closet so you have more room for storage.

    14. Give your walls a new look with this peel and stick wall decor.

    15. Add a bold color to your front door with non-fading paint.

    16. Save on your energy bill with this smart thermostat.

    17. Transform your lighting with these screw in pendant lights.

    18. Add a peel and stick chalkboard sticker to a wall in your kitchen so you always stay on schedule.

    19. Organize your tools in the garage with this steel pegboard instead of a cluttered tool box.

    20. Accessorize your backyard in a beautiful way with these globe string lights.

    21. Replace your outlets with ones that includes two USB ports (it's about time).

    22. Do a window refresh in every room with these patterned drapes.

    Now get to work!