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22 Deals On Products To Help You Upgrade Your Home This Spring

Never pay full price, we got you!

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1. Enhance your toilet by adding a bidet with pressure control knobs that self-cleans the nozzle for you.

Promising review: "I'm obsessed with my bidet and plan on buying one for every bathroom. The whole family loves it, you get a fresh and clean feeling in seconds. This was so easy to install, it took us about 15 minutes." --Michelle and Jeremy

Get it on Amazon for $34.95 (down from $89.98). Available in 2 colors.

2. Upgrade to a coil pull down kitchen faucet that has different spray functions.

Promising review: "The faucet is great, easy to install and works wonderfully. It's better than the $300 faucet I bought which was similar. I highly recommend this faucet and am ecstatically pleased with my purchase." --Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $99.99 (down from $179.99).

3. Replace all the bulbs in your home with these LED lights to save energy.

Promising review: "I love Phillips Lighting and will definitely be ordering more. I was amazed that these lights are able to be put on dim without installing a new light switch." --Begee

Get them on Amazon for $38.24 (down from $44.99).


4. Redo your kitchen walls with this stylish peel and stick backsplash. /

Promising review: "Super easy to install. Very easy to cut with an exacto knife and scissors. Easy to reposition. Love the look." --MSab

Get it on Amazon for $31.99 (down from $49.90). Available in 5 colors.

5. Make installing a doorbell easier than ever by plugging this wireless one into your wall. /

Promising review: "These are great. The volume is adjustable and the loudest setting is very loud. They play different tones and it is easy to set up and get going." --Big perm

Get it on Amazon for $16.99 (down from $26.99).

6. Replace your old kitchen knobs with new and improved versions. /

Promising review: "Just what we were looking for to replace the cabinet knobs in our new house. These are a good weight and more stylish than what we found at the big box stores. Great price as well!" --Erin D

Get them on Amazon for $15.99 (down from $22.99). Available in 4 colors.

Get the matching drawer handles here.


8. Cover your ugly floor with these dark slate marble vinyl tiles. /

Promising review: "Very easy to install, no mess, very impressive for the price and I love the dark marble look. It looks so nice and the price for the quality of this is unbeatable. Saved me so much money!" -- Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $14.18 (down from $19.99).

10. Stain your porch with this stain and sealer that requires no primer. /

Promising review: "Hands down the best product I have ever used for staining a deck. There is no way I'll even consider using another product in the future. This went on so easy and turned out so beautiful that I'm shocked at the outcome!" --Rob Bley

Get it on Amazon for $33.97 (down from $38.95). Available in 7 colors.


12. Improve your kitchen counters with this paint so everyone will think you have real granite. /

Promising review: "It turned out great!!! Everybody can't believe it's not real granite or at least brand new laminate. I'd recommend this product to anybody. After 6 months it is holding up great and still looks new, with no chips or scratches." --Jake

Get it on Amazon for $63.75 (down from $79.99). Available in 4 colors.

13. Organize your messy closet so you have more room for storage.

Promising review: "I bought these for three of our semi-walk-in closets. So easy to set up and actually quiet a few configurations you can use with the system. I would definitely purchase this product again." --Amy Pendleton

Get it on Amazon for $54.98 (down from $66.45).

14. Give your walls a new look with this peel and stick wall decor.

amazon.comécor/dp/B01IDS5ZC8/ref /

Promising review: "Best wallpaper I have used so far!! It's easy to use. I recommend this seller and this item!!" --Biondastrega

Get it on Amazon for $29.82 (down from $34.99).

15. Add a bold color to your front door with non-fading paint.

Promising review: "Excellent product. Very easy to use. We were able to paint our front door with two coats and finished all in one day. Product is a very thick consistency that causes it not to drip, run, splatter or ruin your paint brushes. Very little prep work and clean up." --Jay

Get it on Amazon for $40.02 (down from $41.95). Available in 24 colors.


16. Save on your energy bill with this smart thermostat.

Promising review: "Works flawlessly. Simple and easy to understand installation instructions. Intuitive set up and configuration. Does what a thermostat is supposed to do, yet provides the convenience of modifying set points on the fly from anywhere in the world via the web interface." --Wingsauce

Get it on Amazon for $137.95 (down from $239).

17. Transform your lighting with these screw in pendant lights. /

Promising review: "They seriously work! Well packaged and arrived with no damage. Easy to install and make such a change. Very happy with them and wish I had more places to put more!" --Deric Metzger

Get a set of two on Amazon for $76.56 (down from $100.99).

18. Add a peel and stick chalkboard sticker to a wall in your kitchen so you always stay on schedule.

Promising review: "I love how easy it is to affix to the wall and I haven't had any trouble with it peeling off. It's also super easy to clean." --Ashlyn Reagan

Includes 5 free regular chalk sticks.

Get it on Amazon for $6.98 ( down from $17.99).

19. Organize your tools in the garage with this steel pegboard instead of a cluttered tool box.

Promising review: "This organization system is exactly what we needed! It installs super easy and is very sturdy after installation." --coffeedrinkerswife

Get it on Amazon for $62.54 (down from $94.99).


20. Accessorize your backyard in a beautiful way with these globe string lights.

Promising review: "I would highly recommend these to anybody looking for patio lights! What a difference it makes. We get so many compliments on the them. I feel they give off a warm lighting, not too bright but not too dark. Just right!" --Amazon Customer

Get them on Amazon for $56.95 (down from $119.99).

21. Replace your outlets with ones that includes two USB ports (it's about time).

Promising review: "This outlet was really easy to install. It took me under 10 minutes to do each of them. The quality is solid and fit perfectly into each location. I have a desk lamp, laptop, iPad and Galaxy Note 4 all plugged in at the same time. The best features are that I no longer need power strips nor do I need to remember where I placed the charger block!" --Rodel

Get it on Amazon for $19.99 (down from $33.99).

22. Do a window refresh in every room with these patterned drapes.

Promising review: "Excellent, especially for the price. Good quality fabric and they add a really nice touch to my living room. l love it." --Jina Kusz

Get them on Amazon for $39.99 (down from $69.99). Available in 11 colors and 4 lengths.