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    All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

    Deals on a lip gloss set, gummy bear molds, bluetooth speaker, and more!

    1. 47% off a blackhead remover kit.

    2. $30 off an Amazon Tap speaker.

    3. 60% off a frozen dessert maker.

    4. 65% off an iPhone 6s Plus screen protector.

    5. 60% off a cast iron cleaner.

    6. 35% off a lip gloss set.

    7. 21% off a shoe rack.

    8. 52% off organic cacao powder.

    9. 46% off a makeup brush set.

    10. 20% off a 20-piece food storage set.

    11. 38% off gummy bear molds.

    12. 48% off a wireless doorbell.

    13. 25% off a 50-pack of velvet hangers.

    14. 26% off two pump hand sanitizers.

    15. 20% off a coffee maker.

    16. 22% off a bamboo laptop desk.

    17. 60% off an electric griddle.

    18. 64% off a bluetooth speaker.