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I Am Absolutely Living For Zendaya's Yellow Cutout Gown At The Oscars

Someone just hand this woman a trophy already.

The Oscars are finally here! And Zendaya did not come to play, y'all!!

Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

The 24-year-old showed up in a jaw-dropping yellow Valentino gown that brought some serious sunshine to this cloudy day!

Chris Pizzello-Pool / Getty Images

My girl is KILLING IT out here!!!

Chris Pizzello-Pool / Getty Images

Her longtime stylist, Law Roach, told Harper's Bazaar that her Bulgari jewlery — worth a whopping $6 million — "tells the story and brings the look together."

Chris Pizzello-Pool / Getty Images

"We have a beautiful gown, but in the fitting, we had a whole gamut of these incredible, incredible pieces from Bulgari, and the jewelry just literally became the star of the show," he explained.

Chris Pizzello-Pool / Getty Images

Plus, Law shared an image of Cher in a similar dress on his Instagram story. "Constant inspiration," he wrote.

And to top it all off, it seems like this 'fit glows in the dark, too?!

That's it! Zendaya has won the night. The rest of you can try again next year!

Chris Pizzello-Pool / Getty Images

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