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28 People Revealed What It Was Actually Like To Win A Year's Supply Of Something

"I won a year's supply of crab for camping in line at a grand opening. It rained all night. You should have seen my face when I found out 'a year's supply' meant one snow crab meal per month for a year."

A little while ago, Reddit users u/MurderousKirk and u/IAmABadBitch asked people here and here what happened when they won a year's supply of something.

And there were so many fun and interesting responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

1. "My mom used to enter tons of contests and won a year's worth of L'eggs pantyhose, the kind that came in the plastic eggs. They shipped them to her all at once; they calculated a year's worth to be three pairs a week for a year. This gigantic box arrived at our house soon after with over 150 plastic eggs in it. The funny part is that my mom didn't wear pantyhose. So my brother and I ended up playing cops and robbers for months, with one of us wearing pantyhose over our head and throwing empty plastic eggs as grenades."


hands straightening out a pair of tights

2. "I once won a year of free groceries. They gave me 52 $100 gift cards to use any way I wanted. I was single and ate and drank like a goddamn king that year. Nobody went hungry when I was around."


table full of groceries

3. "I won free bagels from a bagel shop for a year. It was good for 13 bagels, two loaves of bread, and two tubs of cream cheese/spread each month. I tried three different locations, and none of the managers believed that the voucher I won was legitimate at their store. They all gave me different reasons for why they wouldn't accept my voucher."


basket of  bagels

4. "I won a year of free Uber for pretty much all of 2014. I used it A LOT. To and from work, the airport, in many different cities, took my friends out to the bars, to the beach, anywhere. Met a lot of interesting drivers. I paid taxes on it the following year because it counted as income, but it was definitely worth it."

"The contest was at a college bowl game that Uber sponsored. I had to catch the most passes in 35 seconds, which were thrown to me from NFL wide receiver Tavon Austin. I beat my opponent by one catch."


a hand holding up a phone with uber on it

5. "I won a year's supply of Nestle chocolate in a quiz on the radio when Toy Story 2 came out. You had to answer three questions about Toy Story, then you got entered into a draw to either go to a space camp in Cape Canaveral or a cowboy camp in Arizona. But you got the chocolate for just getting on the radio. I got the three questions right, but some other kid won the draw. Then, the chocolate arrived in one big shipment. Huge boxes of it. It was literally incredible."

"Then, my mom made me bring it to school and share it among everyone in my year. A few kilograms of chocolate, and I hardly saw any of it. Ungrateful little shits ate it all in minutes. I'm still bitter."



6. "When I was a kid, I won a year's supply of Hubba Bubba Bubblegum from a contest on YTV. It also came with an inflatable gym bag and chair, which the cat ruined. The gum lasted about two months. Apparently, they expected a kid to only chew one piece a day and not share with friends."

"It was still a cool prize for me at the time, though. I remember throwing the gum packs in the air and showering myself in the gum like people in movies did with money."


a kid blowing a bubble

7. "I won a year's supply of crab for camping in line at the grand opening of a Joe's Crab Shack. It rained all night. You should have seen my fucking face when I found out a 'year's supply' meant one snow crab meal per month for a year."


plate of crab legs

8. "My dad was in a Mr. Clean lookalike contest. He ended up in third place, and we won a dishwasher and a five-year-supply of Mr. Clean cleaning products."


the Mr. Clean guy holding product

9. "I got free Domino's for a year. I won it at a raffle where you'd get a ticket per each dollar you donated. Well, I eat a lot of pizza. That being said, I entered more than everyone else combined to ensure I won (still saving hundreds over the course of a year). I was an extremely happy man with my winnings."



10. "I won a year's supply of dog food when I was 10 and tried to convince my mom that it was the perfect time to finally get a dog, as it must be a sign. We did not get a dog. I gave the vouchers to my neighbor."


bowl of dog food

11. "I was about 11 years old, and Teletoon (the Canadian equivalent of Cartoon Network) had a 'Singin' in the Suds' contest. You could make a video or just send in your favorite show's theme song on paper. It was the mid-'90s, and we didn't have a camcorder, so I just wrote down all the lyrics to Scooby-Doo on a piece of paper and sent it in. The top prize was a hot tub (obviously I didn't win that), but there were 100 runner-up prizes of a year's supply of L'Oreal Kids shampoo (6 bottles, which actually lasted way longer than a year!) and a L'Oreal Kids T-shirt."

"Seeing as my entry was pretty pathetic, I may have won because not enough kids entered, or they found my childish scribblings so sad they gave me a prize. I still have the T-shirt! It's fluorescent green!"


a girl pouring shampoo on her head

12. "There was a new McDonald's opening up around campus, and they offered free Big Macs for a year to the first 100 people there (one free Big Mac a week). A bunch of my friends and I got up at 3 a.m. to go wait in line for our Big Mac vouchers. It is currently week 28, and we all want to die, but we have to use them. We are poor college students dammit!"


big mac with fries

13. "Long ago when I went to Universal in 2001, my cousins and I got to participate in Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live show. We were given numbers when we entered the recording area shindig. My eldest cousin got called up to pie himself with one of three pies. On the bottom of the pies were numbers corresponding to the ones handed to kids in the audience. My number (10) was beneath the center pie, which my cousin smothered his face with. Thus, I won a year supply of Air Heads!"

"I won a year's supply of Air Heads: 12 boxes, each containing 72 Air Heads. I gave six boxes away to a charity that helps the homeless, gave some to my cousins, and ended up keeping three boxes for myself. Took me more than a year to finish those three without wanting to vomit the second I opened one."


kid with pie cream on his face

14. "I won free iced coffees for a year from Dunkin' Donuts, but instead, they sent $500 in gift cards. Not mad. Interestingly enough, my girlfriend also won the exact same contest. Three day contest – she won the first day, and I won the third and final day."


dunkin coffee and gag

15. "I won a year's supply of Kraft mac 'n' cheese at Wrigley Field several years back. It was literally 365 boxes of mac 'n' cheese delivered to my house several weeks later. We kept 50 boxes and gave the other 315 to our local soup kitchen. Who in the world eats 365 boxes of mac and cheese a year?"


bowl of mac n cheese

16. "When my dad was a young bull, he got drunk and sent Miller a letter suggesting they make square cans, to be different and make packaging more efficient. They liked his idea but tried it and said it wouldn't work. They sent him a year's supply of a Miller beer of his choice!"


3 miller lite cans

17. "A grocery store chain had a 'win a year's worth of bananas' contest a couple years ago. I had to watch a video about how they store their bananas and then answer a question. I thought, 'What the hell, my kid loves bananas' and entered. And I won. They sent me a gift card for the equivalent of a year's worth of bananas: $300. We spent most of it on meat. Totally worth it."



18. "I won 'free Chinese food for a year' from a local Chinese place in my old town. They gave me 52 vouchers good for one dinner each. And then closed a month later. I was not a happy man."


plate of chinese food

19. "I got free burritos for a year from Moe's, and it's still going strong. The way I got it was by waiting in line for three and a half hours to be one of the first 50 customers. I had to go away for school so I haven't been able to use the pass that much, but when I have been home, I've eaten a lot of burritos."


burrito cut in half

20. "I once won a 'year's supply' of calendars from a local gift shop. They gave me one calendar worth $2.99."


a calendar on a desk with sticky notes and a laptop

21. "I won a year's supply of eggs from The Queen Latifah Show for my egg video. It came in the form of a Target gift card, and I didn't buy a single fucking egg."



22. "When I was 6, I won honorable mention at a Trix cereal talent contest. My prize was a year's supply of Trix. They started me off with a huge box containing something like 24 boxes. When my mom pissed me off, I would lock the door to my room and sustain myself on Trix."


spoonful of Trix

23. "I won a year's supply of coffee at a local gas station when I was in high school. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure the cashier only told his favorite people about the drawing because he kept the slips behind the window. I chatted with him every morning as I got my coffee, and one morning, he asked, 'Hey, have you entered this drawing yet?.' I was like, 'Uhh, no, I didn't even know there was one because you have obviously been keeping those pieces of paper hidden.' A week later, I found out that I won."

"I kinda suspect that he had something to do with it, but I was really grateful. I got a fancy cup that said 'Free coffee for the year 2005!' or something to that extent, and I used it every day. I could go in and fill it up as often as I wanted."


coffee pots in a restaurant

24. "I was one of the first 100 customers to a Dennys' restaurant a few years ago and won a year's worth of grand slams. The restaurant was a block from my house and on my way to school, so I'd just pick it up to go and bring it to class. It was awesome."


breakfast plate

25. "My mom won a year's supply of Orbit gum. As a 7-year-old, I was stoked. My sister and I chewed so much gum that we still don't chew Orbit to this day."


kids blowing bubble gum

26. "When I was a baby, my parents entered me into a baby derby, and I was the fastest crawler so we won a year supply of diapers. I'm pretty proud of this."


a baby

27. "I got free wings for a year at Buffalo Wild Wings. Stood in line from 5 a.m. until 10 a.m. when the local one first opened. Turns out, it was only a snack-size (five wings) per week that was free. Spent way more than I needed to, but if I never went, I felt like it was a waste. Kept going because it's a great atmosphere for basketball games (when there's a short wait time) and learned to just get my snack-size wings with fries or potato wedges instead of adding like 15 wings like I used to."



28. And finally, "It was about five years ago, and I'm pretty sure the contest was rigged for us to win. It was a Christmas raffle held by a church group. A few weeks prior, I was in a really bad car accident. I was driving and hit a patch of ice and hit a tree. My younger brother was in the passenger seat and had a broken skull, jaw, nose, etc. He had to be life-flighted and had major surgery (he survived and is fine now). So then, Christmas rolled around, and our old church (which we hadn't attended regularly in years) told us we won the Domino's pizza raffle."

"Basically, we got a HUGE book of coupons but could only use once a week. So, it was a free, large, one-topping every week. It came in handy and was pretty sweet and a great gesture as well."


Have you ever won a year's supply of something? How did it go? LMK in the comments below!

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.